The Movie Frequency

I saw this one two days ago, and I really liked it. The special effects were good, but didn’t smother the movie: It was very plot driven.

Yeah, it was fairly predictable, but still good none the less. I really liked Dennis Quiad. It was one of his better roles, IMO.

I’m just posting this because, hey, it’s not everyday that I see a movie that is better than I expected it to be. Usually, it’s the other way around.

P.S. U-571 was pretty good too, as long as you look at it as taking place in an alternate universe: Certain historical facts were twisted to make a “better” movie.

Oh. I thought you’d finally found the answer to the question “Kenneth what is the frequency?”.

My husband and I liked “Frequency” as well. I suppose there were holes in the plot, but who cares. That movie rocked!

I’m 127. Not too shabby!

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