The Mr. Potato Head Show

My son (he’ll be 5 later this month) has discovered the Mr. Potato Head Show through a video rental at Blockbuster. Apparently, to hear him tell it, this is the funniest video ever made. He quotes it. He tells me about it. He laughs just thinking about it. Before this weekend, he’d only rented it at his mother’s house, so I had no idea what he was talking about. I rented it this weekend for him.

It’s … um … interesting. Basically, it’s a puppet show about the characters making a TV show. The cast includes, besides the title character, Queen Sweet Potato (voiced by Debra Wilson), Dr. Fruitcake, a loaf of bologna, giblets and a Potato Bug. The video from Blockbuster is about the show being cancelled to facilitate an alien invasion and includes a lot of flashbacks to earlier episodes (the classic TV “Greatest Hits” show). After doing a little research on the internet, I discovered this was a Fox TV show in the late 90s. Apparently, this is the only episode that made it to video.

Because my son loves this show so much, I thought I’d try to find more episodes, but was unsuccessful. Do any Dopers have ideas on how to get more episodes on video?