The musical style of Team Fortress 2

I’ve taken a liking to TF2’s music and I’d like to know where I can find more. Does it have a name?

Are there any video games whose music you particularly like?

None compare to Katamari Damacy.

I asked my son about it and he didn’t have much to say (other than that he liked the “Meet the Sniper” theme), but he did point me to the TF2 Wiki page for the soundtrack. Hope this helps.

It’s a subset of jazz that was heavily used in spy and adventure shows/movies back in the 70s.

No One Lives Forever (both 1 & 2) made heavy use of it.

NOLF Main Theme

I bought the soundtrack to the first one, but I’m not sure as to its current availability. The games were funny as hell, too.

Here’s a few more. I guess it actually predates the 70s by a bit, heh.

Peter Gunn
The Saint
The Pink Panther