The Mysterious Deat of the South Park Actress

I read in Entertainment Weekly that Mary Kay Bergman, the actress who did most of the female characters on “South Park,” has died. EW said only “undisclosed causes.”

Has the truth come out as to how she died? And, more importantly, have they hired another actress to do the job? My wife’s impersonation of Wendy is dead-on!

It was a suicide, according to CNN.

Of all the sites I checked, only IMDB gave a cause of death: suicide.,+Mary+Kay

BTW, she seems to be credited for doing a lot of “voice matches”. Anyone know what that is?

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My first guess as to what a voice match is, it’s when a movie is edited for network television and someone has to come in to clean up the naughty bits.

Thus we get to hear such memorable lines as “What the freak is going on here?!” and “That’s the biggest load of funky bullshoes I have ever heard”.

[WAG]Might voice matching be another term for celebrity voice impersonations? South Park sure has enough of them.[/WAG]

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That seems to be it. This is from her official web page…

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RTA: My favourite, from Ghostbusters: Shut your funny face!

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