Another Palin Spoof Video

Another Palin spoof video.

This one comes from Eliza Jane Schneider (aka “Blue Girl”) who did all the female voices on South Park for (something like) the third through seventh seasons. She’s great at voice work and I think the female characters of South Park were by far at their best when she was doing the voices. Matt and Trey declined to renew her contract in favor of finding someone cheaper.

Some might remember her as Liza from Beakman’s World a kid’s science show from the 90s.

Eliza Jane’s Palin Video

Some of the accusations are clearly hyperbolic and simplified, but the song does include the great line “Dick Cheney had the right idea, what he did to that guy’s face we should do to North Korea.” A lyric that would elevate any song.

How do you know Matt and Trey personally declined to renew her, and not Comedy Central?

As to whether or not pay was the issue, I had read a (paper) interview with her saying that was the case- I can’t find an online cite.

As to who made the decision, hiring and firing are done by the producers of a show- and it’s the producers who pay the staff and cast. Comedy Central pays Matt and Trey, they are not involved in the contracts that Matt and Trey have with their own employees.

Ugh, I’m worried that the relationship between a network, a show’s producer, and a show’s cast is going to be what this Thread is about now.

Well that is disappointing to hear. I would think that they of all people would appreciate the value of a good voice actor. Her Palin is the best I’ve heard.

Larry Flynt of Hustler infamy is also producing a spoof video, called “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?” I did a Google search on it early, and there is some relatively SFW YouTube stuff out there.

I’m just wondering what took them so long.

Ooooh! I had such a CRUSH on her when she was on Beakman’s World!

“Hey, kids, let’s watch Beakman.”

“But daddy, Power Rangers is on.”

“Oh yeah? Including that hot Pink Ranger? Hmmm, let’s flip a coin.”

Yeah, that’s when I became a fan as well.
And, yes, I too was older than the target demographic for that show. So were all my college buddies who watched it for the same reason I did.

Stephen Colbert showed a brief excerpt from this on his show last night. The most suprising thing was that the actress playing Palin spoke in a normal voice and didn’t attempt to mimick Palin’s signature “oh-yoo-betcha” accent.

The YouTube clip I found was sort of between take interviews with the actress. She looks similar and they were trying to get her to do the accent. I might have to, um, research, to see how well she plays the role.