The mystery of how Triscuits are made

Ever notice that Triscuits are really, really greasy? Crackers aren’t supposed to be greasy. The box only said:

“Triscuit crackers are made by a unique process from whole wheat, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, salt”

A ‘unique process’ eh? I’m guessing the process is also known as ‘Deep frying’ Any one know for sure?

well I am not sure what all it says on your box, but on my box it says “baked whole wheat crackers”

Maybe they bake them in oil!

Damn. Now I wish I had some Triscuits.

They probably soak them in oil and them bake them.


The oil is what holds the wheat, flour, salt, etc together during the forming (similar to a piecrust or biscuit recipe). I have a recipe for homemade triscuts which are both baked and very greasy. I’m guessing the “unique process” they speak of is they partially bake it, stamp the phony woven effect on it and cut it into squares, then bake it some more.

It’s the same basic process as shredded wheat, invented by a guy named Henry Perky, who had digestive problems, and thought shredded wheat easier to digest. In 1895, shortly after having started to manufacture shredded wheat, he got the bright idea of baking the stuff into crackers:

I should add that Perky originally wanted to market his cereal making machine, and made the shredded wheat only as a means of demonstrating it. He eventually figured out that people were far more interested in buying the cereal than the machine.

[ul]:wink: [sup]And some sharp cheddar cheese![/sup][/ul]

Triscuits, with pizza sauce, lots of garlic, a small bit of finely grated cheese. Mmmm…

I just got my first Triscuits today, and was slightly amused at the fact that they are little more than flat pieces of Shredded Wheat.

They go well with Easy Cheese. :slight_smile:

AKA Sleazy cheese. YUK. But I hate triscuits too…

Triscuits don’t contain a lot of fat, though, despite the greasy feel. But they do have a fairly high percentage of trans fats.

They make reduced fat triscuits with (IIRC) 40 percent less fat. It makes them crispier.