the mystery of the singing reindeer

the reindeer: 2 foot tall plush toy reindeer, white. Plays Christmas music when foot is squeezed. Tune changes if foot squeezed again.

the place: reindeer sits on radiator in bedroom, approximately 15 feet from doorway.

the mystery: reindeer begins to play music if husband flourishes fleece robe in doorway. Tune changes if robe flourished again.

the experiments: reindeer impervious to pokings, proddings, loud sounds, or being dropped on floor. Other garments waved in doorway have no effect, with the exception of a fleece sweater.

the General Question: Whywhywhy?


Actually, you might want to get your hubby checked out at the same time.

Does he ever play tricks on you?

As an experiment, why don’t YOU flourish the fleece in the doorway and see what happens. But make sure your hubby aint around. Just in case he is the source of the happening.

I assume the fleece robe and sweater are synthetic. Acrylic fleece generates lots of static electricity. The radiator is a good ground. Hypothesis: static electricity is involved somehow. (OK… a really, really BIG somehow. We’ll work that out later.)
Is perhaps the plush reindeer covered in acrylic plush-ness?
Does the sound play if you flourish the robe while the reindeer is NOT on the radiator, but a couple of feet from it?
How about if insulated from the radiator (a pad under it)?
If you slightly dampen the robe by misting it with water (or better yet, water with a tiny bit of no-static fabric softener like Downy), does it still cause the tune?

This is gonna keep me up at night, and it’s not even my reindeer. I pity you who have to live with this.

I have indeed isolated hubby from the fleece, with the same result. The reindeer sings. Hubby was downstairs, it was 2 a.m., and I was standing in the doorway flapping fleece about like a fool.


Hello, Ohio! How’s your static electricity? :smiley:

We have had INCREDIBLY bad static electricity for the last week here in Illinois. My fleece sweats have been sticking to my legs as I walk around the house, it’s been that bad.

My vote goes for “static” triggering the electrical circuit that runs the reindeer. Try putting the reindeer on a rubber or plastic pad to insulate it against the ground formed by the radiator, see if it still sings.

The reindeer is covered in that really fine, soft, shimmery plush. It’s a very squashy sort of reindeer.

One moment, while I go upstairs, remove the reindeer from the radiator, and flourish…


Hmm. Well, the reindeer sang on the radiator again. But it did not sing after being removed from the radiator. It also did not sing after being placed back on the radiator. Maybe I broke its groove thang.


Yes. You shifted its position, so whatever path of electrical conductivity it had accidentally established for the static charge to travel from the air in the doorway to the reindeer’s control circuits and then down through the radiator to the ground was destroyed.

Temporarily destroyed. It works again today. When it’s not on the radiator, I have to get much closer with the fleece before it starts singing, but it still starts eventually.

I should take this act on the road! :smiley: