The name of the me find my wedding flowers!

Having a little lapse in memory.
I went to my florist, and she showed me a beautiful cream rose…the lightest shade of peach really.

I want to find a picture, so I can print it out and can’t remember the name of the variety!

I’ve loked on some rose databases, but I can’t see anything like it. The name sounds vaguely like Fenella/Vangelis/Vandella/Fedelma.

Any help would be appreciated.

Perhaps it’s a Valencia?

Try this link:

Good Luck!

The rose you’re looking for is Vendela. I’d say it’s more of a champagne/ivory color, but a beautiful rose. If you’ve got any other wedding flower questions, ask away! I’m a florist in NJ.

Thank you petalpusher!

My bridesmaids are wearing aqua green and pale gold, the plan is to team the Vendela roses with blue-green eucalyptus for their bouquets, as the green is a difficult colour to work with.

I want some colour in my bouquet (I’m wearing a white dress with pale gold trimmings) so we’re thinking the same roses and foliage, with perhaps either mango coloured Arums, or gold coloured roses…I’ll choose when I’ve seen some samples.

The most important thing from my point of view is that the wedding party DOESN’T look like the Irish flag! I’m patriotic, but not THAT patriotic!

The vendela rose would be beautiful with your gowns. Aqua green is indeed a tough color to match. Seeded eucalyptus will match beautifully. I’m not sure I’d go with the mango or golden yellow. A pale blue or soft pink would look great. Is it a fall wedding? Then maybe the mango or yellow would be best.

If you wanted to go with pale blue, I’d recommend a soft blue delphinium. If you wanted a pale pink, anna roses are gorgeous, as are pink lisianthus.

Fire away if you’ve got any questions. Do you do anything differently for weddings over in Ireland?

Wedding in September, hence the yellow/orange idea.

I’d prefer pink myself, but since my sisters (bridesmaids) and I are all dark (mediterranean skin, dark hair and eyes) pastels would not be the best choice, as we all suit zingy, bright colours better.

My mother is wearing amythest, and Irishfella’s mother is wearing pink, so pink flowers might look a little odd.

I’ll just have to see what it looks like I suppose. If we can’t work out a colour, I’ll just go with the Vendela roses and make my bouquet a little more fancy.
We don’t do anything particularly different to the USA, except that in my case the church flowers will be done by the church ladies, and left there, as a donation to the church instead of moved to the reception venue. There will still be table decorations, bouquests for the bridal party and flower girls, corsages for the mothers and grandmothers and buttonholes for the groom, best men, ushers, fathers and grandfathers.