The New Comcast Remote

After being pestered for weeks to upgrade my comcast DVR equipment, I went ahead and did so. But I gotta say, I really don’t like the new remote. Am I missing something or:

  1. Now there is no “My DVR” button to take you directly to the DVR. Since I watch TV mostly from my DVR, this is one of the most important functions, and now it’s buried inside another function.

  2. I thought maybe the ABCD buttons were programmable, but they seem to be pre-set. Which brings me to complaint numero dos. The “D” button, located directly above the “3” button automatically convert the language to Spanish. I’ve already done that about 5 times. Pain in the Ass. Are these actually programmable? If so, how? The remote instruction set doesn’t even refer to them at all.

  3. Tiny print. Hey, we boomers don’t have eyesight like we used to do. Even with my reading glasses on the, the print is too small to read unless I’m in bright light.

My old remote, which I much prefer, actually does work with the new box, but it’s, well, old, and several of the buttons don’t even work anymore.

Is there some way to reprogram this remote, or maybe get a different one from Comcast? Figured I’d see what other folks here are experiencing before I subject myself to their “customer service” personnel…

Does Comcast only have two remotes they issue to their customers, so everyone has either the “Old Comcast Remote” or the “New Comcast Remote”? If not, you’re probably going to have to be more specific. Or just call Comcast directly.

With all my Comcast remotes the first thing I did was to find instructions to program a couple of the buttons to a 30 second jump forward and a 10 second back for the DVR.
CNET and other places have step by step instructions.

Push the microphone button and say “DVR”. Your recorded shows will pop up.