New cable remote woes

My old cable box fried, so I went to the Xfinity store and got a new box and remote: the XR 15

My problem is: If I want to input a regular channel, why can’t I get the regular channel INSTEAD OF BEING RE-DIRECTED TO THE H-D CHANNEL?

Is there a way to disable auto-redirect?


Just got off the Xfinity help Desk screen and recieved the following instructions:

Xfinity button
Prefer Best Resolutions
press OK to toggle off.

Glad you solved this. Why would you want the SD version instead of HD?

I hate this new remote. The action button is now just a little dimple in the middle.

Anything new takes getting used to. There are some things I don’t like about the new schedule screen, including advertising on nearly every screen for some pay per view service, so instead of 6 choices visible there’s 5 plus one for an ad. But I’ve learned to ignore it and not gnash my teeth. Most of the time.

I’m not speaking for the OP, but I know one person who does this because it saves a lot of space on her DVR. There is really a big difference in space between the SD and HD versions.

While that’s true, why would one want more of a “lousier” thing? Given the choice of 1 HD movie or 4 SD movies, I’d take the HD every time. One may as well say give me old B&W signals so I can save on bandwidth.