Comcast remotes suck

Anyone here have one that works properly, meaning it doesn’t require pressing so hard that you nearly break the remote in two for the channel to change?

This is my first time with Comcast in years. However, I have many friends and relatives with Comcast and it always seems like the remotes completely suck. I can press the channel button 10 times and maybe 3 of them register. The only way to use it is to press as insanely hard as I can.

Am I right here? Anyone else?

Mine never worked properly. I had one for each cable box and they both sucked equally. The money I spent on a universal remote was the best money I ever spent.

I had a problem with one button on a remote six or seven years ago. I took to the local office and swapped it out. Never had a problem since.

Harmony 880. It changed my life.

That is an expensive remote! Cool, though.

I programmed my comcast remote for DVD, Cable, and TV and it works fine. I never suspected there was an issue. Take yours back and get another one.

Never had a problem with mine.

Does anything about Comcast not suck?

Mine works okay most of the time. The only problem I’ve noticed is that when I’m looking at programs under the “guide” function and moving forward in time, it will occasionally lose its mind and I end up in the 900 channels.

Their customer service. The people at the call center are very knowledgeable about their technology.

I’ve had 3, and they’ve all worked extremely well.

I really, really, hate Comcast, and I’ve had many issues with them, but I have to say I’ve never had any problems with their remotes.

Maybe, but Verizon makes them seem like super efficient geniuses.


Granted, they suck batteries like a Pahrump whore on a troopship with bills to pay, but with fresh Evereadys or Duracells they work fine.

Mine is pretty crappy also. The box itself is also very slow to respond to remote control commands. Another thing I don’t like about the remote is its shape. The bottom is kind of rounded instead of flat. This makes it difficult to use when it’s sitting on my coffee table, because the remote keeps rocking back and forth as I push the buttons.

Comcast is meh.

Denon sucks. My receiver remote is about the least intuitive piece of electronics I have ever messed with and I’m not a complete idiot when it comes to consumer audio/TV ( partial idiot maybe, complete idiot no ).

Sometimes changing the batteries helps, but it’s not just batteries with ours. Different angles in the room seem to matter, too.

But yes, we aren’t happy with ours.

I’ve had two and they worked just fine.

Lord help us. You mean the customer service that overbilled, double-billed, failed to refund, didn’t know what service package I had, didn’t have any way of finding out, didn’t know what packages I’d had in the past or the dates I’d begun and ended them, then cut me off after 45 minutes? That customer service?

I just got one (I’ve never had a box before) and my only beef is that the “All On” button never turns on my TV. It will turn off my TV just fine, but it won’t turn it off.