The new Doritos secret flavor...

…Anyone tried Doritos: The Quest yet? I got a bag a week ago, tried it… a weird salty, sweet, lime flavor, with a distinct buttermilk taste. Really odd stuff.

Last year’s secret flavor was pretty obvious just from the ingredients list-- it was cheeseburger-- but this one’s list is bizarre. A few people who tried my bag called it Key Lime Pie. No one enjoyed the experience.

Well, I went to the flavor’s website-- you have to guess the flavor to gain access to various puzzles, as the whole thing is part of some interactive “adventure” contest. “KEYLIMEPIE” didn’t fit the blanks… but after the site gave me one of the vowels in position, it dawned on me.

Hint #1:

Remember that PepsiCo owns Frito-Lay

Hint #2:

What’s a popular PepsiCo citrus flavored product?

The secret flavor:

Mountain Dew. Seriously. It’s a salty, buttermilk tinged Mountain Dew flavored corn chip


I would associate KLP with some sweetness, but the bag I had was very different (in a bad way), with a more acidic taste to it. MD’s as good a guess as any, but I have a second bag at home I’m very disinclined to open because the last one was so nasty.

MD’s not just a guess- it’s the answer expected by Frito-Lay. (I’m still more inclined to say it’s Key Lime Pie, but, they’re the ones making it!)

I thought they were just lime flavored. I found them unpalatable by themselves but almost acceptable with salsa. My wife loved them.

Ah! Since I haven’t sipped that nasty swill since college, it’s no wonder I didn’t make the connection.

Still: Blech.

Do the chips shrink your nads too?

I’d rather have the crab juice flavored Doritos.

I actually LIKE Mountain Dew and I still find the thought of it as a Dorito flavor is nasty. Are you sure it’s not margarita-flavored?

Yeah, I’m sure. As mentioned above, “Mountain Dew” is the answer according to Frito-Lay, the company making the chip.

Mountain Dew flavor? That sounds so gross. It’s like French food. “Here, I’ll make you some nice steak & potatoes then smear grape jelly all over it.”

I’ve had these, and I think they taste what they’re supposed to taste like. Not as good as those cheeseburger ones, though.

(Bonus PepsiCo product review: the best of the three vote-for-your-favorite limited edition Mountain Dews is Revolution, followed by Voltage and Supernova.)

Both Revolution (wild berry flavoring and ginseng added to the MD citrus base flavor, for those who haven’t tried them) and Voltage (blue raspberry/ginseng) are good, though I prefer Voltage more-- reminds me of a carbonated Ice Blue Kool-Aid, the powdered drink mix of the gods.

Supernova (strawberry/melon/ginseng), on the other hand, is pretty bland. It doesn’t really taste like strawberry, and there’s just a little melon.

Risotto. At least, I hope it’s risotto.

We got a display shipper of these on last night’s truck so we bought a bag out of curiosity. The unanimous opinion among us was that they taste like Trix. No kidding, it was like eating a bowl of Trix on which someone had spilled salt. I’ll be sticking to Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese, thanks.


My son is always demanding new flavors of chips. I got some that were mixed berry and they were okay, but really too salty. I prefer real dried fruit.
The others with onion or lime or salsa flavors just made me long for plain chips and a choice of dips.

I never would have guessed Mountain Dew. I love Dew and I love Doritos, but these things are just nasty.

We bought a bag at work one night and gagged on one each. Every time someone came by who hadn’t tried them, we encouraged them to take one, just to watch their faces as they did so.


My fiance and I also tried these and we thought they were Gatorade flavor. I guess we were close. I thought they were nasty.