Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew

End times are near! Pepsi is testing a Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew. Because stoners shouldn’t have to buy Doritos and Mountain Dew separately.

It’s being marketed as “Dewitos.” Some testers said it tasted like liquid cheese. Unfortunately, this is not a hoax.

That’s badass. Give the people what they want!!

I saw that today and thought that the only uses would be for dares, or if it masks the taste of Red Bull.

Not surprised at the Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew. I’ve seen restaurants sell Fritos Chips on pizza, Dorito-shell tacos, even hamburgers with fries on it for SALE??? These are the foods/drinks we made up as kids and it is being marketed. The next item will be a bowl of fresh snow with vanilla extract, sugar, and the canned PET Milk…smh

Ugh… I have a 15 year old and this is exactly the disgusting kind of thing he’d drink. There was a blue one that he bought not too long ago and it had like 1.5 million calories in it. I forbid him to bring it in the house again. I guess I’ll have to add this to the restricted substance list as well.

The story that I read about that also mentioned Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos. That’d be quite a snack combo.

I’d still choose the crab juice.

Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew would go wonderful withCappuccino-flavored Lay’s Potato Chips.

There were Mt Dew-flavored Doritos a few years back, so I guess this is the logical next step.

For what it’s worth, they tasted absolutely terrible.

In one of the picture, all the little cups are glowing. This disturbs me.

(Next up: pretzel-flavored beer and cheese-flavored wine.)

Ewwwww. I love both…even together. I can’t see it being good. I’d likely have to try it just to know.

For some reason when I think of “Mountain Dew flavored Doritos”, I think “that’s bit unusual, but it might be good”, but the thought of “Doritos flavored Mountain Dew”, triggers a gag reflex.

Well sure, what else would you drink to chase down khlav kalash?

I’m just imagining some unshaven guy in his underwear playing the new Call of Duty game, with orange stains on his shirt and a half-dozen empty 20 oz bottles of this stuff arrayed in front of him.

This is the image I get as well.
As far as I’m concerned, the only thing Doritos got right was Cool Ranch, Nacho and the original Taco.

I might actually try those.

I hate both of these flavors. But I’ll try it, if it takes very little effort to do so.

Is there anybody out there who thinks this will last on the shelves for more than a month, if it even makes it there at all? I would never even try such a disgusting product, for fear that I couldn’t shake the memory of the awful taste.

Have soft drink marketing departments really run out of any halfway decent ideas?

It sounds kind of odd, but the original unflavored Doritos aren’t bad tortilla chips at all. I think they’re kind of overpriced, but they’re not bad.

I don’t get the whole idea of taking something savory and making a soft drink or dessert version of it. I don’t mean taking a savory ingredient and incorporating it into something sweet- I’ve had potato chip and bacon chocolates, and both were great.

I’m talking about things like Doritos flavored mountain dew, or garlic ice cream, or other things that just seem to be wrong at first blush. I’m guessing they’re all gimmicks, like all the odd Jones soda flavors(grass, dirt, thanksgiving dinner, gravy, etc…) and the Jelly Belly Harry Potter flavors (earwax, booger, etc…).

“The lab has figured out we can make Mountain Dew for 0.6% less if we switch from flavoring XB-456/A to XB-457/B.”
“Great, what is the catch?”
“It tastes really gross. A tech joked that it sort of tasted like Doritos mixed with Mountain Dew.”
“Gross! Still, 0.6% is 0.6%. Lets put it out there and see if it sticks.”