Why'd they F' up Doritos?

Anyone else notice this. Over the last several years they keep fiddling with the way they make Doritos. It started with the Cool Ranch thing I think, and then they started adding all kinds of new flavors. All of which were fine. At least I still had my good ole orange-fingering Doritos.

Then it happened. They went all New Coke on us. Deciding to make regular Doritos “Nacho Cheesier”. This was bad, but they still were ok. The extra cheese flavor wasn’t bad per se, but after about 3 handfuls you’d get really sick of eating them since it was so overpowering. Now they’ve gone even cheesier, to the point where it’s almost offensive.

Finally they’ve come out with a “New and Improved Taste”. I’m guessing the “nacho cheesier” experiment gradually eroded their market share. Instead of accepting this as the cause and fixing it, they decided they must need to reformulate the flavor. Ugh, now it’s a new taste and it’s still heaped on to the point that it’s gag inducing.

Are businesses this f-ing stupid? It you want to throw new flovors out there, fine. If you want to tweak the flavor of your flagship product, that’s cool. But leave the original on the market for the people who like it.

Coke learned it’s lesson. The have reformulated the Diet Coke brand in like 50 variations, Coke Zero being the victorious example, but they always maintained and kept the original Diet Coke and regular Coke. They learned their lesson. What was Doritos doing back in the 80’s when Coke screwed up?

Ugh, wish I had a bag of Bugles or something…

Cooler Ranch owns all the other Doritos flavors. Death to Nacho Cheese.

I’ve got a similar beef with the new (standard) Life-Savers flavors. The originals were fun; the new ones are just ick bad.

Are you eating Doritos from the small bags or the big bags? Big bag Doritos are nasty. Small bag Doritos are a lot better.

      • They reformulate this stuff to make it healthier–you know, get rid of all those horrible ingredients that humans had been consuming for the previous 1000+ years–nasty, horrible things like lard and butter and (to a certain degree) salt–and the end result tastes like shit. Pringles chips are the same way–a few years ago I bought a can, after not having had ANY in possibly ten or more years–and the current ones taste like crap. They are simply nothing like what I remembered. …If I knew of any brands of regular potato chips left that were still fried in lard, I’d be buying them. As it stands I gotta break down a few times a year and do it myself. Animal fat really is the only way to fry. Anything else just tastes like shit, it’s not worth making the mess IMO.

Generally Big Bag Doritos…I had no idea there’d be a difference.

I’m waiting for them to come out with super-coated Doritos, with like 1/4" of flavoring caked on every chip. That way I won’t be subject to tasteless chips that only have a light dusting of flavor. Tortilla chips without flavoring = greasy cardboard…

I’m thinking they did everyone a favour. If a hadfull is all it take to satisfy the craving, think of all the calories you’re saving.

Salsa Verde Doritos are a gift from the gods.

Doritos were originally just plain tortilla chips, and then they started introducing flavored varieties. They abandoned the unflavored ones, and me, about fifteen years ago.

I agree that the new cheese flavor is revolting. They won’t be getting any more of my business.

I don’t understand why companies have this mindset that they must change their flavors every so often. Progresso changed their clam chowder to potato soup with clam flavor. Beefaroni changed from a guilty pleasure to disgusting. Why, when they are already making a living, do they feel possessed to ruin the product?

They fucked up Doritos a long long long long time ago, honeychile. Original Doritos didn’t have any of that orange-fingering crap on them!

Doritos in the original flavor: (never-seen, never-stocked) toasted corn.

No cheese whatsoever. No garlic, no lime, no onion powder. Just triangles of salted corn tortilla.

Everything else is johnny-come-lately.

I give you the best potato chips on the planet: Grandma Ut’zs potato chips. If you want some e-mail me and I’ll hook you up.

I had a grape sized chunk of flavoring in a bag of Cheetos…it was possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve intentionally ingested. There’s a reason why they have warning labels on food grade flavoring and use half a quarter pinch per 500 gallons.

Watching ‘Unwrapped’ on FoodTV, I think industrial food manufacture is done by people that think drastically different than I.

they don’t talk about cheesy crunchy cheetos, they talk about ‘Improved flavor profile on the collette coating’

It’s probably been good for me, because I used to eat quite a lot of “original”-ish Doritos.

The “new better taste” is foul. I can’t eat it at all. I’ve definitely saved thousands of calories since they switched.

Now what do I do with my giant party size bag of nasty ones?

I see those all the time. Must be because I’m in Frito-Lay country.

I used to feel the same way, but lately, I’ve converted to the Pepper Jack Doritos.

Nacho Cheese Doritos? They actually made them taste worse? How is that even possible?

In New York City, Albuquerque, Los Alamos, and rural northeast Georgia at any rate, if you want plain unpowdered unflavored ordinary salted toasted corn tortilla chips to dip in your sals you have to buy Tostitos, not Doritos. Doritos are only seen in Nacho Cheese, Taco, and other newer flavors (don’t ask em what. Key Lime? Buttermilk Ranch? Asparagus Pudding?), or in non-Frito-Lay brands of tortilla chips.

Where the heck is Frito-Lay country? (Actually I thought everywhere was pretty much colonized as Frito-Lay country, is there anywhere in the US that FL isn’t the #1 chip company, aisle-presence wise?)