The new front page is neat and dumb.

It’s really cool how the front page takes a column and then finds SDMB threads that relate.

It’s dumb that it shows threads that are years old and may or may not have any actual discussion in them. I saw one earlier today that was a few years old and only had one or two responses.

Reinforce the doors, folks. Zombies are a’comin’.

disclaimer: I hardly ever visit the front page so I don’t know how long it’s been like that.

Looks like it is showing “trending threads”, not ones related to the columns.

Also, the topic of the day (Are infectious diseases becoming untreatable?) gives a 404 error.

I’m seeing a “trending threads” section on the right, but also a “related threads” section beneath the infectious diseases column.

The SD home page uses a responsive design. That means the page automatically restructures itself depending up the viewer port size.


Go to the home page in a real browser on a real desktop/laptop computer. Make sure the browser window almost fills your monitor. Now grab the lower right hand corner of the browser window with your mouse and drag it to the left to reduce the horizontal width of the browser window. At selected intervals the page will resize and restructure itself, corresponding to known tablet, phablet (Yes, phablet!), and smartphone screen sizes the web developer has chosen. That’s responsive design.

Now the visual appearance of the page is a separate issue. The Apple inspired trend to “flat viewing” is designed to accommodate the lower lumen output of smartphones and tablets, compared to laptops and real computer monitors. Granted the mobile technology has improved greatly over the years, but the flat design is still stuck in the dark ages (pun intended). And for many folks, it’s a dumbed down design. It lacks personality. It’s utilitarian. But it’s also very fast rendering for mobile users.

For me, it sucks. Badly. Damned milennials. :smiley:

Zooming out also affects the layout. I changed to 90% (Firefox, desktop) and now I get 2 columns, which looks good to me.

Just my 2c
The new layout/look sucks great big hairy donkey d****

Not that it is broken or anything, and a lot of the dissatisfaction is simply due to having to search for the usual controls and links I’m expecting, but also the general appearance seems… loud.

It used to have a feel similar to reading a column in a newspaper or magazine, now it has the feel of reading a health advisory poster in a hospital.

Used to be a continuing list for the Question of the Day. Now that’s gone. I liked it.

Tis odd that ALL CAPS is discouraged on the board but many headings on the front page use ALL CAPS.