The new rubberband man commercial

Why does it suck so bad?

It doesn’t fit?

Ummmm…Reeder? Couldya post a link, maybe? Or give the rest of us some freaking idea what you’re talking about? :smiley:

You know the first rubberband man commercial…the dude with the big afro passing out office supplies. In an office.

Well…in the second one…he’s on a beach, in a pool, jumping rope all the while still passing out supplies.

I thought the first one was great. This one sucks.

Same great music though.

Ah…gotcha. Haven’t seen either of them out on the West Coast. But from your description, the second one does sound sucky! :smiley:

What music?

The music is Rubberband Man.

I think it sucks because, not having seen the office one, I had no idea what this guy was handing out or why…you couldn’t really see items. So I was just confused. And yes, I WAS in a drug-induced state (in the hospital!) when I saw it, but I don’t think that mattered.

By the Spinners!

Cool song, silly funny guy, fun concept… falls flat.
I blame Bush.

Or maybe Kerry.

I can’t decide.

(Why, yes, I AM watching the DNC tonight. Why?)

Yes, sometimes I’m at a loss to find an association between a commercial and the popular song they play. Something like “Anticpation” for the slow-flowing Heinz™ Ketchup makes sense.

However, I remember that for Liquid Vanish (a toilet bowl cleaner) they played an updated version of “Duke of Earl” and changed the words to:
Doo doo doo Liquid Vanish… Doo doo doo Liquid Vanish…
Huh ??? :dubious:

Just guessing I think the ad to which you refer is for “Office Depot” which sells office supplies and I guess rubber bands are a very small portion of their inventory but still the association is still pretty weak. Great song though !!!

It was pop soul on the edge of funk!

Yeay, Spinners!

*Hand me down my walking shoes

Hand me down my cane*

Have you seen the film Radio?

I thought it was kinda cute. He was replacing their summer toys with school supplies. You can get school supplies at Office Depot, too, you know.

I prefer the other one, the one that plays “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” with the dad dancing down the aisle, throwing school supplies in the cart with wild abandon, while the two kids sadly trudge behind him. Now that one was funny. :smiley:

Just for the sake of clarity, I assume we’re talking about the Office Max commercials?