The new UPS "logistics" commercial

The UPS “Logistics” commercial.

They took a truly wonderful song, *That’s Amore, *and turned it into a jingle sung with no inflection and no feeling whatsoever . . . exactly the opposite of the way it should be sung.

I loathe this commercial and wish I could just not hear it again. If I ever had a reason to use Logistics’ services, this would convince me not to.

I totally disagree with panache45. I’m a musician who writes and performs pop tunes and the UPS piece is a masterwork in terms of messaging.

This is a commercial. The girls voice is sweet, with life, and an energy similar to the girls voice who does the Cisco commercials - i.e. you hear it and you pay attention.

The lyric rewrite is clever and makes succinct, understandable points

  • “Carbon footprint reduced - bottom line gets a boost”

The orchestration builds nicely in a very Beatlesque fashion - (mellotron flutes ala
“Strawberry fields”)

The commercial balances the imagery and the message with the audio so the song doesn’t overpower the message, and turns the subject matter , “Logistics” from something noone would generally care about into something thought provoking.

And the message is absolutely true - no lies - no real embellishments.

I think this is the best ad I’ve seen in years and it makes me feel much more positive about UPS - this is what they do and it has value and they do it well and they had the viewpoint and creativity to get the message across.

Why would you expect inflection and feeling from a song about Logistics? The original had lyrics that flow freely and effortless, but this one is a big word jumble that needs to be ar-tic-u-la-ted clear-ly to get the message across. For the purpose of the ad, it works great, but nobody would confuse it with a candlelight & romance song.

Have to agree with MrQuestion’s analysis.

This is a song which contains original lyrics such as:

“When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie, that’s amore!”


“When the stars make you drool just like pasta fazool, that’s amore!”

You should be surprised it’s not being used without alteration for Olive Garden commercials.

Makes me want to ship with Fed-Ex.

This is a fantasic commercial! The only other commercial that is better is the “Pothole” commercial.


While I’m not a fan of this ad, it’s not nearly as bad as the “whiteboard” spots.

Hey, anything that gets Harry Warren (and his estate) royalties is OK in my book.

Really? There are people who like this ad? I’m no huge fan of the original song, but this version absolutely grates on my ears and makes me want to immediately mute or change the channel like no other ad I’ve ever heard. I hate it. Usually I just ignore ads, but for some reason this one really irritates me. I liked the Spongmonkeys, for og’s sake! But I hate. This. Commercial. Hate it. HATE!

I love the tune and especially the voice of the singer. Like to hear more of the one singing this commercial.

The UPS “Logistics” Ad flops— I agree with prior postings that it is unappealing and message doesn’t match the tune. More importantly, as a simple production matter, it took me several times to hear the key word: “logistics”. After each refrain, it sounds like the singers are saying “…that’s LaGisty.” Wha?

For crying out loud, basic 101 singing for audience, you are supposed to over-emphasize/pronounce the last syllable that ends in “s” rather than drop it like a bunch of amateurs. They should have sung it thusly: “…that’s Low GistiCKS”, not the sloppy “La gisty.”
UPS: get your money back and fire you ad agency.

I felt a compulsive need to join this forum just so I could reply to this post and agree wholeheartedly with it. I find this commercial, and the tone of the singers voice to be so obnoxious and so grating that I can’t get to my remote fast enough to mute it or fast forward through it. Something about her voice…too syrupy, too sickly sweet, too phony and fake sounding. I also usually just tune ads out…this one is impossible for me to tune out and up until recently I didn’t even know what company it was for until I muted and watched the commercial through to the end. But you’re right, it is very, extremely, profoundly hate-able.

Prior to this post, 1/3 of the comments in this thread have been made by posters who’ve apparently joined only to participate in this thread.

[sub]I’m not actually a paranoid wanker, I just find this very interesting.[/sub]

It has all the romanticism of a Ty-D-Bowl commercial. Orson Welles tears this song apart beautifully.

I like it. I hum it sometimes. Logistics is a very interesting thing, and finally there’s some music to pay homage to it.

(No, I’m not joking.)

I want to bone the singer. Anyone know who she is? I know a lot of good voices end up being a lady of size, but i get the feeling this one is hot - and freaky.

The singer is Nadia Ackerman. She’s cute, but I don’t know about freaky.

Also, one thing I like about the commercial is seeing those cool ball bearing floors.

I am a pompous pseudo-intellectual snob. I think the original song was dumb, and I think logistics is an important subject.

So, I like the commercial.

I do not really understand why people will just comment an talk crap about this beautiful song and the way it was used in this UPS ad. Personally, I hum it everyday and am looking for the lyrics so I can sing it all day long. It does a good lyricaly combination of the climate, “continous chain that is always in sync thats logistic” talks about bottom lines. I tell you it is probably the advert of the decade.
Always used Fedex, right now its going to be UPS. I hope this lovely advert affects a lot more people and you profit from it. Big ups guys. thats logistics!!!

My sister is the director of Logistics for a major guitar manufacturer. She handles all domestic and international transportation of goods. I asked her when the last time her logistics department put together some schlub’s copying job. That is so not logistics. but UPS has decided that “logistics” means any pie they have their finger in.