The New York Times reports that judge Kuntz has ruled against ms. Cheeks.


In a legal battle some have dubbed ‘Kuntz vs. Cheeks,’ the judge rules in favor of the city on its vaccination policy. The issues involve individual rights vs. the health and safety of the community. How does one strike that balance? What about religious freedom and, blah bljlasd blah ljksjksdjklsdjlksljk fk
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Um, did you have a stroke??:confused: I’m confused because that sure looked awfully unintentional yet you still managed to hit the “Post New Thread” button.

I worked with a guy named Kuntz. He pronounced it koonst.

He wrote one or two just OK books but Dear God, enough with the golden retrievers!

Waitaminute . . . They’re not being forced to immunize their children, their children are allowed to attend public school, the only restriction- the reason for the lawsuit- is that the unvaccinated children are not allowed to come to school while another child at that school has a vaccine preventable disease and the parents are UPSET about this???

[li]Your child is not vaccinated against chickenpox.[/li][li]A child at your child’s school HAS CHICKENPOX[/li][li]School says, “Keep your child home, there’s a danger of exposure to chickenpox against which your child is NOT VACCINATED and therefore could FUCKING DIE if exposed.”[/li][/ul]
And the parents are suing because their kids are not allowed at the school???

I. Really. Do. NOT. Get. This.

They want the kid to get chicken pox.
They want to spread chicken pox to other kids.
It’s natural and they can thumb their nose at Big Pharma at the same time.

The school is refusing to let them perform the duties of their religion.

That’s what happens when you are unvaccinated.

Actually, that’s what happens when you are too lazy to post a coherent OP and just drum your fingers on the middle row of your keyboard. Expecting coherency and thought from kstarnes is a mug’s game.

Everything prior to this point seems to be gibberish. Could you please repost?

In reality, Kuntz and Cheeks are only separated by one asshole.

To be fair, the “blah” was crystal clear.

kstarnes is a babbling moron. He’s a sexist, anti-Semitic, racist dimwit.

And your point is … ? :wink:

Still no vaccine for stupid I see…

Please let “some” know that this might have had a chance at approaching the general vicinity of funny— albeit in the most juvenile form imaginable— if the woman’s surname was actually “Cheeks.”

It doesn’t really work if the joke relies on your own illiteracy, which may not be shared by some in your audience.

I’m having a hard time locating the opinion online. Anyone have a link?

Right. He’s actually saved everybody (and himself) a bunch of time by typing straight-up gibberish instead of typing his usual incoherent sexist nonsense.

Those who are most in need of it are against it.

Yep. Case in point, the plaintiff’s name, as given in the link is Check, not Cheeks.

P.S. The only one who has “dubbed” the case, “Kuntz vs. Cheeks” is young Master kstarnes.