The "Next Video Game" Syndrome

I’m playing Ultima IX now. I’ve cleared 5 of 8 shrines and am about 75% through the game. I like it, but can’t help thinking about Planescape: Torment, the next game I’m playing. Not only that, but I’m even thinking about Daggerfall, the game I will most likely play after that…

Of course, some games have less of this than others. Ultima IX and Dragon Quest VI are the last two games I’ve played and both haven’t held my attention fully.

Anyway, I thought we could even track what games are causing this syndrome for us now.

Mahaloth :

Game Playing: Ultima IX

Next Game(currently thinking about): Planescape: Torment

Game also taking up space in my mind: Elderscrolls II: Daggerfall.

Hopefully, you can BEAT Ultima IX. I’ve tried three times and have ALWAYS gotten a game-killing glitch, just after cleansing the last shrine. So, if you find that you can’t beat it, just do yourself a favor and move on as soon as possible.

I’m currently playing Baldur’s Gate 2, Throne of Bhaal. After that I’m not sure - there’s many games I want to get next. Might and Magic 9 is a strong contender, as is Freedom Force. And Dungeon Siege. So I’m not exactly sure. Depends on what mood strikes me when I finish BG2.

I’m currently about 90% of the way through Dungeon Siege and about two episodes into Freedom Force. I’ll probably go to Morrowind next. Or, I may finally get around to playing Pool of Radiance II. Hopefully they’ve got a working patch out by now.

Well, that’s scary. I am using the final patched version they released, 1.18f. I’ve had about 5 cuts to Windows during the game, but other than that have had zero errors.

Now I will be playing the game with paranoia.

Just started Dungeon Seige, but on Father’s Day, I drop everything for Morrowind. These two should take me well into fall (I don’t get much gaming time), and then it’s either Freedom Force, Wizardry 8 or Jedi Knight. I heard bad things about M&M 9, so I’ll pass (plus, the gameplay hasn’t changed since 4).

i just got grandia 2, or gradia 2, or whatever the name is (geez, i really pay attention to detail, eh?) State of Emergency got boring after i killed 2500 civilians on the kaos mode. Next will be some RPG or mayber GTA3, whichever catches my eye first.

Go for Morrowind. Between that and Diablo 2: LOD, I probably won’t have the urge to play anything else for a long, long time.

I’ve heard REALLY bad things about M&M 9. From the buzz and game reviews, it’s shaping up to the worst RPG in several years. Not quite Descent to Undermountain category, but definitely not something you’d want to drop more than 5 bucks on.

I can’t speak for M&M9, but if it comes to a budgeting choice I’d recommend Freedom Force as top priority. Dungeon Siege is a fun diversion, but FF is just a blast–rather too short, but what a ride.

I’ve a feeling Morrowind is going to keep me from suffering from Next Game Syndrome for quite awhile.

I haven’t heard bad things about MM9. I hope it’s not bad. I admit I thought MM8 was very dull, but I really enjoyed 7. Can you point me towards a review of MM9?

Gamespot Review of Might & Magic IX

Unfortunately, you need to be subscribed for the full review, which I had read earlier. Even though I keep playing, I find the M&M formula quite tired and I find little to distinguish one game from the next.

I agree with the praise of freedom force. It’s a very well executed little tactical game, and it has style in spades. This is the silver age, complete with cheesy one-liners, groan-worthy puns, silly costumes, and maniacal villains. It’s a complete blast, because it nails it’s subject material. It’s an homage, although parts of it will certainly make you laugh.

In short, it’s very fun, and challenging without being frustrating. I had an absolute blast playing through it.

I just paid a visit to the Freedom Force official site and found something very interesting. FF was envisioned as a trilogy! 60s, 70s/80s, and modern.

For me, Dungeon Siege now, Heroes IV next (or interspersed if I get tired of DS). After that, I may go back to The Sims, unless Neverwinter Nights is out. I think I’m going to get Morrowind next, but I’ve been meaning to try out the Freedom Force demo on my PC Gamer CD-ROM and see if I’d like that. This doesn’t count whatever pops up for review, of course.

Speaking of which, I had the opportunity to review a wonderful shareware RPG called Geneforge. It’s ugly as dirt, but boy was it a blast to play. The site is

I have a question about Heroes of M&M IV. I have it on hold at the library I work at(yes, my public library is so cool that we have games like that to loan out…we were named the best public library in the nation).

Anyway, is there a plot that you move through the game with? Or is it pure strategy like Civlization or Age of Empires. Thanks.

I’m currently playing Morrowind. Anxiously awaiting Hearts of Iron, the WWII strategy game from the makers of the Europa Universalis series. Oh, and the CivIII expansion patch that will feature multiplayer, 8 new civs, a true editor, and scenarios. Ah, and throw in Master of Orion III as well.

So I guess Freedom Force must get easier to play with time. I tried out the demo and found it a bit irritating. Particularly that a flight-capable hero wouldn’t fly automatically when I told him to go somewhere. If he couldn’t walk there, he’d just stand still. I had to right-click and choose “Fly here” from the menu. Seemed dumb to me.

But if you all think it’s good, maybe I should try again.

I’m not really in the middle of any game right now, but the next one I’ll buy will probably be Mechwarrior 4. I’m always about a year behind the wave.

Mahaloth: There are actually six different, mostly unrelated plots you can play through in Heros IV, one for each castle-type. However, the campaigns are all very, very large. I’ve only beaten one of them, but my main hero was over thirtieth level by then.

I just got Morrowind, which should take the edge off waiting from Master of Orion III and Warcraft III <drool>. Also, Age of Wonders II is due out end of this month. I’ve already bought all three over at EB, and am just waiting for the happy surprises to show up on my doorstep.

Saltire: The trick is to pause frequently. I’ve gotten into the habit of right clicking (which pauses and brings up a menu of commands for the character) all the time. It lets you exercise more control over what the characters are doing.

In essence, if the pause feature is taken advantage of, it plays like a real time game with turns.

I’ve been playing Morrowind since I got it on the first day. It crashes to Windows A LOT. :mad:

I’m a level 9 Nord, and my character is starting to kick ass.

I’m waiting for Warcraft III mostly, as well as GTA 3 for PC.