"The Nightmare Before Christmas" - a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie for you?

Do you consider Tim Burton’s “A Nightmare Before Christmas” a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie (or something else)?

Both, that’s why I like it so much.

Both! Or maybe an always movie- I love it and will happily watch it whenever. But if I had to pick - maybe a little more Christmas?

I voted Halloween movie, but really I consider it both. We usually watch it Halloween night or the next day. Then, off and on until Christmas is past. It’s one of my favorites.

It’s a Halloween movie to me, but it’s berry able to be watched at Christmas…which is why it’s so great!

Our culture is reaching a point where Halloween is just the gateway to the Great Season of Mass Consumption, really… but I think of it as a Halloween movie.

Something else. Never seen it.

I and movie watching friends prefer actual scary movies around Halloween Month. Plus, really try to avoid anything remotely Christmasy until after Thanksgiving, so this is a day after Thanksgiving movie, plus any time in December of course.

It’s worth checking out at some point; IMO it’s among Burton’s best works.

It’s worth pointing out that while it was Burton’s story and he was a producer for the film, it was in fact directed by Henry Selick.

Whenever! No set time, just if I feel like watching it.

Jolly fine movie.

(In the “What’s this?” sequence, is some of the music borrowed from Verdi?)

It’s both (which should’ve been a category).

I voted Christmas movie. It’s more focus on Christmas than Halloween, and I’ve always associated it with Christmas.