The Nine, 8/1: a new episode?

Well, that’s what would seem to be indicated by the N in parentheses in the newspaper’s tv section. But it’s been so long since the show was on that I can’t recall where they left off.

Yes, it was a new episode. I believe 13 episode were made. I think there are four left after this one.

It was pretty good, with a lot of tension. They answered the question of what had happened to Tom, the security guard.

Damn, I missed it. Are these going to be online? Can you provide a synopsis?

I will spoiler it just to be safe:

The security guard had suffered a subdural hematoma when he was hit the first time. The bad guys took him to a bathroom and ordered the doctor to work on him. But when one of them realized, that he couldn’t be saved, he shot the guard in the head.

Meanwhile, the assistant DA is getting pushed to run for DA instead of her boyfriend. The young pregnant woman who was engaged to the doctor now knows that he is going out with the teller who survived.