The odd coincidence MMP

Vultures are a common sight in Cottonfield County and nearby areas. There are two varieties, the Turkey Vulture, so named for it’s bare red head which vaguely resembles that of a wild turkey. The other kind, in local parlance, is the Black Faced Buzzard, which has an obviously black head. I’d provide Wikipedia links, but I’m lazy. The Black Faced Buzzards are more aggressive than turkey vultures, and will stand their ground over road kill when you approach them, where turkey vultures will give way.

Saturday morning, I went back to Cottonfield County to clean up the old Lair, collect the leftovers from moving, and do some other stuff. I made a side trip to Franklin, VA, to stop at Lowe’s for a rental carpet cleaner. As I was passing the old paper mill, there was a flock of black faced buzzards on both sides of the road, and in both lanes. True to form, they didn’t move until The Family Truckster was right on them, and that brings to mind another unique quality of vultures, which is their stench.

The aroma of a vulture is as bad as that of a skunk, and is almost completely unlike skunk scent, except for the burning nose sensation they have in common. I liken skunks to burning tires, where vultures remind me more of fetid armpits.

I’m sure by now you’re asking, “Where does the coincidence fit in to this?” Just as I passed through the fragrant flock, and the stench wafted through the vents of the van, Sirius/XM played the most appropriate opening lyrics of a song from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. “Breathe, breathe in the air…”

I would have laughed if I wasn’t retching.

I need coffee. Carrion…

First! Woot!

That is a very strange coincidence indeed - Floyd must have some perverse love for the strench of vulture.

This is not exactly a coincidence, but as I am sitting here attempting to type this, a white cat is demanding attention and fuss from whichever hand she can get her cold, wet nose on. At the same time she’s distributing fur everywhere and walking around on my desk knocking things over wherever she goes.

Got to love 'em, or so they tell me. This post comes to you courtesy of Opheila, the sparkly white.

Second! w00t

Driving home in yesterday’s rain was a very unpleasant end to a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend. I saw folks I hadn’t seen in a year, kept my drinking and eating within reasonable and moderate bounds, and finally learned how to play Dominion.
And discovered how much better I sleep when Cousin isn’t trying to be quiet at 4:00am and just coming back to the room.

Have a good week, y’all. :slight_smile:

Good Monday morning all! I’m up and caffeinated, and have had some maple brown sugar oatmeal as well - and it was delicious. :slight_smile:

Um… I don’t know what to make of your OP about vultures, BBBBBobbio–it wasn’t exactly the picture I was looking for this morning, let me tell ya! :smiley: I guess I’ve had the great fortune to have never been close enough to them to smell their aroma - may the gods keep it that way now! Given the location of the buzzards, though, I must presume that my relatives have come into contact with them - that’s my Dad’s hometown, and most of his family still live in the area. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope everyone has a good day today. Four more after today until the next weekend, whee! :slight_smile:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’ on a chilly mornin’. It’s 38 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of mid 60s. Before the week is over the temp will be near 80 Amurrkin again. Oh and the pine trees are on the verge of their annual orgy. Spring is arrivin’ in south Jawja.

BBBobbio there’s a little town near here, Smithville, which, in addition to havin’ an annual chikin pie festival, is now home to a flock of turkey buzzards. I say they should have a buzzard festival. Hinckley, Ohio ain’t got nuttin’ on Smithville! :smiley:

Rosie glad you had a good time. However, I am disappointed that you don’t have a tale of bein’ locked up. I was so lookin’ forward to that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Today I get to give a presentation at a Neighborhood Service Center in large and in charge downtown Dawson. I’m told to expect around 60 people. Should be innerstin’. I do get lunch out of the deal so there’s that.

We’re havin’ a Shrove Tuesday fundraiser/celebration at the church house tomorrow night. Stuff like pancakes, bacon and assorted other goodies. The fundraisin’ part is to assist our new Deacon (as of tomorrow) with his ministries in the community. I am a bad person because I really don’t wanna go. There’s a suggested “donation” of twenty bucks which I think is a little steep. OYKW agrees with me. We shall see if’n guilt takes over or not.

Now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then irk purtification must commence.

Happy Monday Y’all!

This happened several years ago, when I lived in Leeds, in England.

I was out walking one evening when I happened to come across a hollow tree-stump. It reminded me of a fairly obscure poem (“In the stump of the old tree…” by Hugh Sykes Davies) that I happened to know from a college English Literature class I had taken some years before. For the rest of my walk I had fragments of the poem (particularly the phrase about a “bible written in the language of rooks”) stuck in my head like an earworm. When I got home, I switched on the radio, that was tuned to BBC Radio 4, and someone was in the middle reciting the very same poem!

I have never again, before or since, heard this poem being recited on the radio, or indeed, ever come across it except by deliberately seeking it out online.

Also, later on, I told my father, who was a retired high school English teacher, about this experience, and he told me that he had actually once met Hugh Sykes Davies, the poem’s author.

Up, caffeinated, off to work. Odd coincidence: When I was getting ready for my trip to Vegas two years ago, the radio played “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash at least once a day(“I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die”). I hardly hear it now.

Ick. Vultures. Never been close enough to smell one, and now I;ll try to avoid it.

Awake, sick, kids still sick, five people coming for lunch. Bye!

Vultures are interesting creatures. They’re so big, too! Never smelled one, though.

What is odd to me is seeing them in residential areas. My son and I were driving to the insurance office one day, and had to go through a neighborhood. There was about a dozen big black buzzards feasting on something right there in the road. Ick. But they do a great ecological service.

The other day I was in my car, sitting in traffic, singing along to the radio. I looked to my right, and this guy was singing the same song as me!

We grinned at each other, and sang to each other for a second. It was trés cool.

Happy Monday, y’all!

My friend and I had a vulture follow us for most of a day while we were hunting. We still sometimes debate if that was a good sign (he thought we looked like mighty hunters who would kill more than we need) or a bad sign (we were so bad that we were sure to starve soon).

There was a flock of turkey buzzards that liked to perch in the pine trees behind my house in Pirateville. Never smelled them, though.

Up here in Hippy Hollow, there’s a flock of wild turkeys that like to wander around the Rich Neighborhood near my abode. I’d try to catch one for dinner if I wasn’t afraid it would peck me. Bird beaks make me nervous.

I say Spaz should catch one of those wild turkeys and post pics of the pluckin’, guttin’, stuffin’ and roastin’ of said turkey in an upcomin’ MMP OP. Who’s with me? :smiley:

LiLi smellin’ a vulture is not sump’n one does on purpose. If you are meant to smell a vulture then smell a buzzard you shall when you least expect it.

Ruble bein’ followed one vulture is not so bad. However, if said vulture had allerted friends and family to come along, well, that would be cause for worry. Just sayin’.

Yeah I’m goofin’ off right now. Gotta go do the presentation thang shortly.

Later Y’all!

Cat butts are not nice alarm clocks.


I’ve just answered three threads in GQ related to the work I’ve been doing since 2000: one involved salt (I worked for Morton’s parent company for almost 5 years), one involved tangentially machine translations (a one-year sabbatical spent on graduate school for “translation and computer-aided translation”), one involved power companies (the year before that, consulting for a huge power company; currently, for a company one of whose fastest-growing lines of work is telemetry for the power and gas industries).

Today feels like my crazy CV is actually good for something more than plastering the walls.

That’s a lot of work for something that comes in a bottle…
:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Re: Smelling vultures.

I used to volunteer at a wild bird rehab facility (not rehab for drugs, rehab for injuries or illness). Vultures were the worst thing to handle when they first came in because they’d wait until they got to the facility and inside the building to regurgitate the old roadkill they’d been eating before they were injured. Now, if you think the outside of a vulture smells bad …
My odd coincidence, last week we had a stray pig come in to the clinic. We’re in the city, no farms anywhere nearby. This pig was a young pig but didn’t look like a pot-bellied pig, it looked like a baby regular pig. It was wearing a collar so it was someone’s pet. Later that night I got off work and went home and turned on Craig Ferguson who was talking about pigs! Wooo wooo woo.

Had a good time with lots of mothers and kids running around.

Am definitely being felled by Mr. Lissar’s/Gnat’s/TomKitten’s cold. I feel kind of dreadful.
I haven’t seen Aerin all morning, and normally she’s sleeping on a chair or a bed until sundown. I’ll check the basement in a little bit, but I have a pit-of-the-stomach feeling that she got out, too. Aargh.

You have to save the juices that come out during roasting for the bottling step. :smiley:

Howdy Y’all! Home from irk. Dindin shall be heated up beast roast (I saved some for today’s dindin) and greenbeans and new N.O.T. steamed together. I’s ready for it even though it’s not dindin time yet. Maybe I need me a peanut butter sammich to tide me over.

Wild turkey basted with Wild Turkey. We may be on to sump’n here. :smiley:

So my coincidence is that I also learned how to play Dominion and also this past weekend. Weird.