The oddest posters

Zymolosely polydactyl tongues should perform better than that on keyboards.


I think there’s probably a bunch of us who feel that way.

Oh, won’t someone think of the monotremes!


There was that guy with his obsessive pet theory about the Egyptians using geysers to build pyramids. That was certainly odd.

Ooh fun! They use…let’s see… base 10.44!

Stinky-footed bumpkin!

What, like use the geyser to shoot the capstone into the air and hurriedly build the rest of the structure under it? :stuck_out_tongue:

"Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast

For it is a human number

Its number is six hundred and…seventy two…"

The guy who started a union for homeless people. Apparently the had dues and meetings and stuff. One alchoholic was drinking the hand sanitizer He started a pretty out there thread about monkeys being used as prostitutes.

I still feel a bit bad about him because I made a joke that he overreacted to that got him ban hammered. AND I am pretty sure he tracked my ass down and made a bizarre phone call/ threat… but only once so there was that.

Man, compared to this guy most of us don’t stand a chance of being mentioned.

I love that kind of oddity though. It’s a nice change-up from the typical trolls and bigots.

His post was his cite?

I believe the error is due to the Gregorian calendar.
WTH is a “Mercotan”? All I get when I Google is some dummy on message boards.

What about that guy that had a username that sounded like a oriental fighting master…masterkay? masterfung? or something like that?

That guy could tell some wild assed stories.

Master Wang-Ka.

Which I just realized is probably a play on ‘‘wanker.’’

I hope he got paid eventually for his writing. He was a very skilled story teller.

Pretty much. :smiley:

Actually, what was impressive was the length he went on about it.

Heh, just the search terms necessary to find the thread.!&page=50

Ah, the man with the “moncubines”. I remember him. :wink:

Man, I miss most of the Good Stuff around here.

But placentals are obviously more highly evolved than marsupials! Or, as scientists say: Higher up on the evolutionary ladder. :slight_smile:

Children of the Lens
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