The oddest posters

Talking about people behind their backs isn’t nice, and pointing at those at the edges of the bell curve and laughing isn’t either, but what about that toefungus, huh?

They just now popped in to inform us that the Valencia has the genuine Holy Grail and that Cecil’s 2003 (2014) column labeling it a fiction is rubbish. Evidently an avid reader of the columns online this is the fifth time in two years they have bestowed upon us similar pearls of wisdom and then vanished for a few months.

I know this is weak sauce for a pitting, but I just found it so fundamentally odd that someone would read these columns and has such a weird pattern of criticism.

I remember the guy who was nuts over lions, and would go ballistic if anyone suggested that a tiger or some other animal could beat a lion in a fight. That guy was weird.

But he had cites! Ergo he must’ve been right.

I’d hope to make the list just on general principles.

I enjoy posters like this. Another is rstrats, who joined in 2012. He has posted 66 times, all but one of those in the five threads he has started. He seems particularly focused on the meaning of “three days and three nights” in the bible. He is remarkable in his dissatisfaction with the replies he gets, and pretty bluntly cantankerous about it. He apparently doesn’t know how to use the quote feature, either.

66 posts, and he’s interested in the Bible… coincidence?

Let’s see what happens after he posts 606 more times.

…check your calculator.

Some of the most bizarre arguments I ever had were**** with griffon502, an anti-marsupial bigot. He was always posting how inferior marsupials were to placentals, and would get outraged when I posted evidence to the contrary.

If I’m not named in this thread I will be very upset. :smiley:

I’ll mention you if you will mention me.
That Chimera, bragging about a dumb spool of string.

  1. Every single time. Why, what did you get?


I thought you were shooting for 666… I don’t know the significance of 672.

EDIT: Whoosh?

This is why we can’t have funny things around here.

Mercotans don’t have fingers, so they don’t use base 10.

You? I’m twice as odd as you are!

So you’re even?

Well, in these days of Cell Phones, we are all getting very Ood.

Well, it’s odd that you should mention that…