The oddest posters

Mammals. For obvious reasons. Two, to be precise.

One of my favorite griffon502 posts. He accused me of supporting marsupials out of political correctness.:smiley:

Considering his impressive credentials as an evolutionary biologist, his mastery of English was a bit incomplete.

It is only a small step towards allowing marsupials into our schools, bathrooms … and bedrooms.

Must have been scarred by a marsupial Drop Bear in Australia as a youth.

Yeah, I am not seeing the downside there…

Opossi is nasty.

And nocturnal.

One of my favorites was Susanann, who argued that Isaac Asimov stole her writings and that there was no space race, and nobody was afraid of nuclear war in the 1950s and 1960s.


Bet you didn’t know that European royal families for the past few centuries were actually black! Europeans simply forgot to record that they were being ruled by Africans. Click the link above and be hit with a clue by four.

Marsupials are definitely superior to us in the genitalia department. Males have a two-pronged dong, while females have three vaginas. (I am not making this up.)

(Possibly NSFW if your boss is an opossum.)


I remember Smashy. SmashTheState, for a while the board’s resident Anarcho-Syndicalist. He also believes that schizophrenia isn’t a mental illness, but shamanism, and that David Icke (the “Shape-shifting Reptilians are taking over the world” guy) is very perceptive.

Here’s the monkubine thread.

Classic “Believe anything to the Left of the mainstream because it’s not mainstream” idiocy, posing as brave free-thinking and open-mindedness.

Damned dirty apes!

Who’s the recent poster who was constantly starting threads about whether he could still have children after being castrated?

That’s 22122 in base-4

Oh, yeah, that was fucking weird. Notably weird. Like I told my IRL friends about it, weird.

Old school oddsters (DORRANCE STEEL HOOK!!!)–There was a poster who loved Engelbert Humperdink to distraction. Wildest Bill, my favorite odd duck to ever get banned. He was just to dumb to continue posting. But nowhere near as dumb as BZ00000 (or whatever his name was). His questions were so stupid, he was banned. Oh, oh! Who can forget Jack Dean Tyler shilling his Tug Ahoy circumcision reverser?

Man, do I feel old.

P.S., if any other old timer remembers the steel hook girl, please refresh my memory. Do you remember her handle?

INEEDTHETRUTH was my personal fav.

Ambivalid, when he first appeared. Then he pretty quickly transformed into a valued poster.

Gotcha Ya!

Turns out he is the son of my MIL’s best friend and I had actually met him once before. True story, small world.

Kinda makes me wonder who else around here I know (that I don’t know I know - I’ve probably met 20 or 30 of you in person and many of you have become great friends IRL.)