The oddest posters

There was the infamous and short-lived Thaidog of “Rock in the box: I burning your dog fame”. Even after all these years, he is memorable because you could almost figure out what he was talking about but never quite. Don’t read it if you value your Golden Retriever.

We also had another poster that was incredulous that someone asked to use her bathroom and then (probably) pooped in it (not on the floor, in the toilet). That was incomprehensible in her mind. We had another one that got off a long international flight, slept longer than normal afterwards and was convinced the only possible explanation was that she had been gassed through the air vents even though nothing was missing.

My Lord was the poster obsessed with lion versus tiger fights and he was nothing but thorough when it came time to back up his claims. When I told him that the tiger would win, that just fired him up more and he had hundreds of cascading cites going back to ancient paintings that backed up his claims. Oddly enough, I started to believe him over time but lion versus tiger fights seemed to be his only real interest in the world.

Speaking of Wildest Bill, here was the thread that sticks in my memory. “Is there an anecdote for anthrax?” Still makes me chuckle.


Has anyone here ever herd of the singer James Otto?

God bless you and James always!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, but I don’t think the DORRANCE #5X STAINLESS STEEL HOOKS woman actually posted here; she was just a very strange person (or a very dedicated troll) who made a splash on the Internet back around the turn of the century*. See this 2005 post.

*Typing that totally makes me feel like a crotchety old-timer. “Was it back in aught-three, or was it aught-seven? Bush was President–no, no, the other one. The stupid one. Oh, yes, it was aught-five–that was the year Batman came out–no, no, the other one, with that fellow Bane–no wait, that was the character–Bale, yeah, Christopher Bale. Christian Bane. Christian Bale. That fellow.”

There was the guy who joined to deposit walls of text about the Battle off Samar. When we didn’t automatically agree then he started to attack our abilities as naval commanders. Which none of us had claimed to be.

If you’ve read this far, then you should see that obviously you’re not working hard enough to make the list. It’s a new season though, maybe you’ll get the headnod next time around.

Lions vs. tigers … idiot naval commanders … a high bar indeed …

jtru88 went ballistic in the thread I started about his opinion on the word “thanks”

Ah. That’s probably why I can’t remember her name. Also never posted here Anal Mary. But if I remember correctly a poster did start the dating process.

Wildest Bill’s best thread title: Would Are Eco Sytem be Ok If We Extincted Mosquitos? As someone said at the time, every word in this sentence is wrong.

this post has been Graped by the Grapist!

After some internet searching, I have determined the Engelbert Humperdink superfan was deeward.

Anyone mention cladking and his seltzer pyramid?

Equating a handshake and rape is pretty weird.

Post #24 (though not by name).

Here 'tis.

That guy Dio had one weird obsession (maybe not the only one)

Statutory rape. Now from a legal sense, the details of the encounter don’t matter one bit (which is BS IMO but there you go).

But Dio took it to the next level. It didn’t matter if that 16 year old girl looked like a 45 year old chain smoking hooker that was rode hard and up wet, had enough fake documents that would make James Bond go damn, and even if the skies parted and God said “its okay to tap that ass my friend”…that didn’t matter.

You were still a bad bad person.

God help his daughters (and their boyfriends :eek:)

You are talking about a guy who bragged about losing a batle of wits with a padlock.

He also bragged about how his Unionized homeless people would abuse the homeless not in his Union. Meet the new boss…

But performing DRE’s is a lot worse.

Because, you know, just tons of homeless people desperately want to organize a union to protect their rights as homeless people. :rolleyes:

The ones who don’t want to be homeless, the ones who are homeless due to mental illness…

yup, I can see those two groups of people forming the Voltron of Homelessness. :smack:

I’m a young’un here but the weirdo I remember most is

James Otto Sweet Heart

God bless you always!!!