The Office 1/19

“I don’t want to end up like Shyla (sp?)”

LOL!! Wasn’t as good as last week’s, but some great stuff. Michael’s face when he revealed the secret was great… and then he just walked away!

Dwight “I know something about Oscar… he was LYING”. Ah, brilliant :D.

Not the funniest episode, but I really enjoy the relationship between Jim and Pam driving the show’s plot. I did love Michael’s new hairdo and his comments to the Hooters waitress.

Kevin might be my favorite of the background characters on this show. His nasal comments and awkward smiles into the camera crack me up. For example, during the episode in which Dwight and Michael had their fight, everyone was getting onto the elevator. Kevin was standing behind and between Dwight and Michael, and as the doors closed, he gave this great look to the camera and then looked side to side at the two fighters. Sort of like saying, “This is gonna be awesome.” Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?

Real quick question: are these episodes still following the episodes from the UK version?


I love Kevin (as a character). When he was packing for the booze cruise, before anyone knew the nature of the event, Kevin was packing a speedo and a whole bunch of condoms.

On the episode where Michael started doing e-mail surveillance, they did one of those quick cutaways with him talking directly to the camera saying, “I’m gonna have to erase a lot of stuff. A Lot. Of Stuff.”

I love tonight’s episode.

I think the sense of humor of the show has changed. It was originally more awkward the kind of humor that makes you laugh but feel uncomfortable for the person you’re laughing at, now it just seems like everyone is the butt of a joke and I don’t care whether they feel embarrassed. Or is it just me?

Heh. I just found out that the owner of another site I frequent had an interesting role in tonight’s episode (note posts 31 and 39).

Best line of the night was by Creed: “Which one is Pam?”

I can never remember her name, but she was tossing empty bottles out when she cleaned out her desk. I love how understated the show is.

Yeah, Dwight’s all full of himself (as usual) because he figured out Oscar’s secret. :smiley:

I appreciate a show that will make a joke and then not feel compelled to explain it. Specifically, last night when Michael attributed “Our Lips are Sealed” to the Bangles, they didn’t need to follow it up with any reaction shots or corrections. So, not only is he making an ass of himself by referencing a pop song to explain himself, and doing so when another character is clearly very concerned about an issue, he tries to cite the artist and screws that up too.

I know, it’s subtle and not all that funny in and of itself, but I appreciate it nevertheless.

I liked last night’s episode better than the last two.

It was hilarious. Mostly sly humor. A few great moments:

  • Dwight running survelleiance because his “ex-girlfriend” was cheating on him. EX?!

  • Oscar’s “secret”

  • Michael’s botched effort at retelling Jim’s joke

  • Kevin is a great character. His “Nice!” when Jim said hi to Pam tells you a lot about Kevin. I’ll bet he spends a lot on internet porn.

  • Angela being terribly offended that Oscar missed cleaning day.

  • Stanley’s Peach Ice Tea…“You’ll hate it!”

Congrats to Steve Carell on his Golden Globe win. Best speech of the the night!

There was a moment when Jim and Michael were at Hooter’s when Michael said something, I can’t remember what, and JIm just looked ever so slightly over at the camera with a “See what I have to deal with.” look. It was perfect.

I like the fact that the show doesn’t really have punchlines, just a sort of natural conversational humor (albeit taken to more comedic levels). For example when Michael was explaining why they were doing the spring cleaning in January, 'because when it’s spring, guess what you don’t have to do?" It’s something that really anyone might say because it has a kind of false logic. The difference is that most folks would realize that what they said didn’t make a lot of sense, but to Michael it is perfectly correct.

I think that was when he ordered the chicken breast sans chicken.

I loved when Michael tried to fix his hair like Jim’s. Could he be developing another man-crush? I also loved that Ryan had nothing in his desk to clean out, and his comment that he could leave right now and no one would remember he was there … maybe even him (or something like that). Dwight’s cluelessness when it came to Oscar was priceless!

The thing I like about this show is that the writers and the cast aren’t stingy when it comes to giving people good lines. Every character in the office is hilarious. They are all strong characters.

I like to imagine that scene with Dwight watching tv with Oscar and his partner was Dwight had immediately called in his big favor and that big favor was someone to hang out with on Friday night.

That’s probably right!

The scene of Dwight hanging out at Oscar’s was great for a couple reasons.

They have the silly “who’s this?” moment where, on a stereotypical sit-com, Oscar’s boyfriend thinks that Dwight’s an ex-boyfriend and ends up leaving in a huff. Obviously on The Office they won’t make that joke for you, but having that scene come next makes it clear they aren’t going to do anything dumb with it.

It also threw in more humor – Dwight is still clueless about Oscar and (Tom?)'s relationship, and that might indeed be his ‘big favor’.

My favorite is still Phyllis. I just like the way she looks. Perfect office gal.

Frankly, I’m starting to like this show even more than Earl.

Earl is a fun show.

The Office is the funniest show on TV.

That was only for episode 1. Given that we’re now on around episode 20…