The Office 10/12 "The Initiation"

Dwight: I resorbed my twin fetus, making his tissue part of mine. I now have the strength of a full-grown man…and a small baby.

Stanley: You have now spat on my face.

Ryan: And my father [or uncle, or whatever] Mufasa was trampled by wildebeests on a safari in Africa.

And I thought this was a perticularly weak episode. They need to get Jim back to Scranton ASAP.

I was distracted through part of the episode. Did something happen that made Pam sympathetic to the bird funeral? It didn’t look like she thought it was a joke, there at the end.

Too bad the guy (I forgot his name) didn’t think to change his uncle Bernie’s name.

Phyllis gets the best line of the night.

“There’s a ball.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was a great episode.

Creed: “I heard that humans live for several hours after having their head cut off”
Co-worker: “That’s a chicken”
Creed: “What I’d say”

Tonight’s episode was actually titled “Grief Counseling.” Next week’s episode is “Initiation.”

Hmm, I wonder if NBC moved the episodes around. As I recall two weeks back on Leno, the actor that plays Ryan (who’s also a producer) showed a clip from an upcoming show that he wrote. The episode wasn’t going to be that week’s episode (which was actually last week’s), but the week’s after, according to Ryan. But clearly that wasn’t the case…Hmm either Ryan got it wrong, or NBC moved the shows around.

Pam wasn’t sympathetic to the bird, she was trying to comfort Michael. After Michael explained that he was upset that the bird died alone, she realized that the birds life and subsequent death was, to Michael, his own lonely existence in microcosm.

That’s why she gives the speech and mentions that even though the bird was alone, he was loved by other birds.

I thought it was an awesome episode. coughkissupcough “Did you hear what I said, Josh?”

One quick question, was Ed Truck a manager at Stamford now? Could his death play into shutting the Stamford office down?

I thought this was a FANTASTIC episode. The scene where they were all using movie plots made me laugh out loud long and hard, which is rare, even for The Office.

The scene at the beginning with the “stairs down” was hilarious.

Pam’s reaction to the funeral was complicated. She was kind of doing it for Michael, but I think she also enjoyed getting a chance to express herself a little bit creatively, while still not taking it too seriously.

I also loved the interaction between Jim and the new Pam, whatever her name is.
Is it in fact the case that Jim’s other coworker is played by Ed Helms, formerly of the Daily Show?

Rumor has it that NBC made a very late change to the order of episodes after the Amish school shooting.

The episode that was to air that week had the staff visiting Dwight’s beet farm and there were some Amish jokes.

Hilarious episode for 2/3rds.

After Toby mentioned the bird to Michael, I thought it got a little hokey. Even for Michael that was over the top, although “birds don’t carry disease” was good. Nursing the bird, and havign a funeral was too much, though.

The talking about death scene was really funny. So was Michael going to the “warehouse”.

I agree with MaxtheVoll, I loved this episode, even with limited Jim sightings. It seems like Ryan is finally starting to “get it” with how to interact with Pam, and her reactions to Roy actually being a nice guy are interesting.

“If I can make everyone depressed, then I have done my job,” just perfect Michael Scott.

I was waiting for a Creed talking head where he would say, “I have no idea how the guy died. I just made up the decapitation thing. Because that’s how I’d like to go” or something like that.


Have you checked your… butt?

I thought this ep was hilarious. I almost crapped when Pam shared her personal “death story” with Million Dollar Baby.

Oh and Michael, talking about grieving, (paraphrasing) “…it’s like your soul getting hit in the crotch with a frozen hammer”

Oh how I love this show.

Ed was the manager at Scranton before Michael. He was Michael’s boss for years and then retired which is how Micheal got the job. He was in the episode where Michael found the poop in his office.


I forgot about that part. SO hilarious. It just went on and on, but somehow managed not to get repetitive.

Who is Jim’s new like interest and where have I seen her before? I remember having a massive crush but no details.