The Office 10/16/08

Okay, 23 minutes in and this episode seems to have had no humor.

Creed’s ‘Omaha Beach’ joke was good. Dwight tossing around the stroller is mildly humorous.


Where’s the humor?


I agree. It’s a sucky episode.
Why didn’t Pam just go outside the frickin’ laundromat to talk to Jim?

You beat me to saying the exact same thing by minutes. I still have hope.

Holly has 2 different colors on her fingernails, too.

Nope. Hope is all gone now.

You knew they’d take the Dwight thing too far, but it fits for Dwight. Michael was being such a complete retard I thought for sure that BJ Novak would be the writer, but it wasn’t.


I missed the writing credit- who was responsible for this disgrace?

One of the people who is always in the credits - but not one of the actors, I don’t think.

Michael Schaur, or something like that.

EDIT: I honestly can’t think of a worse Office episode. Can anyone come up with at least a contender?


I really liked Michael inmediately asking Holly out after Jan asked him not too.

I personally feel like it was a bit better than the last episode. Not great, but better.

We all gave you a golden shower. Where’s my golden shower, Phyllis?

Playtime’s over!

Dwight dragging around the stroller was the best part.

There was way too much awkward, and too little funny.

Angela trying to take a picture of Astrid covered in lettuce was kind of amusing. Dwight’s testing of the $1200 stroller seemed like it should have been funnier.

I’m over Jan existing. They’ve made her stupid, cruel, and completely unbelievable. As much as Michael asks for abuse, I think having the baby and not letting Michael know until she showed up for the shower was ridiculous. How old was the baby supposed to be? Jan had the kid days or weeks ago and never thought to call Michael? And after that awful shower, she had the nerve to try to tell him not to date someone else?

It was a mistake to have the Jim/Pam subplot be kind of a downer, too. Even if there was a little sweetness at the end, it didn’t make up for the rest of the episode. It felt like the writers forgot that the show is supposed to be a comedy.

Am I on the right board? I thought it was hilarious.

Perhaps this is juvenile, but my husband and I laughed at a bowl full of personalized M&Ms that said ASTIRD on them. And pretty much anytime anyone said Astird. I also thought Dwight giving birth to the watermelon was funny. I cheered when Michael asked out Holly. It’s about time.

I had a few laugh out loud moments during this one. When Pam was telling Jim that story on the phone and he was at his desk, completely not following the intricate series of names and happenings - perfect. I was laughing so hard.

The awkwardness of Jan singing “Son of a Preacher Man” was similarly awesome.

All in all, I thought it was a good episode.

My lullaby of choice is Gimme Three Steps, so I kinda liked Jan there for a minute.

I really, really want some back story on Holly. Do you think she picks up strays and takes them home? Kittens, puppies . . . rats?

When Jan left Astrid with Michael to go take a nap, she said something about telling Michael about “Astrid’s 529” or something? Did anyone catch what that was about?

Definitely my favorite quote from the episode. Reminded me of a few classic Tobias lines from Arrested Development. In fact… I’m going to dig up my Arrested Development DVDs. I guess I’m not going to get much sleep tonight.

A 529 is a college saving plan. You can read about it here. The implication was that she was going to hit Michael up for money.

The golden showers line was funny as were a few others. Dwight’s stuff was a little overdone (the birth scene and especially the car seat scenes). There really wasn’t a pay-off for the car seat scenes was there? I liked this one a bit better than last week’s, but I’ll admit that I might not have been in a receptive mood.

A 529 is a college investment plan. She was going to tell him to put probably thousands of dollars into a college savings fund for Astird. I mean, Astrid.

For some reason, I found the Michael/Holly hug at the end to be extremely touching. It just seemed so heartfelt and sincere.

I thought Holly was absolutely adorable …

Her complex emotions to Michael being “mean” to her …

On the one hand, understanding the situation

On the other hand, being pleased that he thought she needed special handling

On the third hand, being embarrassed that the camera was picking up on this special handling

On the fourth hand … even though she was completely in on it, when Michael was mean to her, her feelings were still hurt a bit.