The Office; "The Delivery" (open spoilers)

Hour long episode tonight. :slight_smile: Pam’s finally giving birth.

I chuckled a few times, which is more than I’ve laughed an an Office in a while, although it was twice as long as most episodes, so it has a slight advantage over them.

I thought one of the funniest moments was when Michael asked “who wants to live in a world where Stanley can have affairs with two women and the rest of us don’t have anyone?”

[Stanley raises his hand]

Dwight: “Even though I’m an adult maybe I could come by for a teeth cleaning.”

Yeah, the Dwight stuff (aside from the weird Angela plotline) was pretty funny, Michael was annoying as hell, I could care less about Erin’s love life, and the secondary characters have devolved into one-line stereotypes. But Pam and Jim were sweet and the baby (and they actually got a smallish enough baby) was adorable, the nursing and HMO stuff was realistic, and overall it was an improvement over the rest of this dismal season.

Andy smashing his face trying to hide quickly got a laugh from me.

I missed the beginning and was in and out for the rest of it. What was the deal between Angela and Dwight about?

They negotiated a contract to have a baby.

I voted that I loved it. I thought it was going to be a disappointing “event” episode like the Super Bowl or the wedding episode. For a “they’re having a baby” episode, it was quite good.

Dwight was the source of a lot of what made it a funny episode. Kevin was great; “I’m petrified”. I want to see more Kevin. The actor who plays him is so different, I can’t believe how much he actually brings to his character. I’m sure Kevin will find love one day on the show. I just hope they bring back a little of his old attributes, not make him SUCH a dolt.

I also like that the Baby didn’t come at the end of the show, like most sitcoms. I was sort of feeling the sympathy pains with Jim, and glad they weren’t going to wait as long as they had planned. It was interesting to see the parents reluctance to be alone with the child without any assistance. A lot of the show was grating, but in a good way, Pam’s mother and Michael, Angela and Dwight, the male nurse helping Pam breast feed… but that’s true to the show’s form.

The best epi of the season so far, although that is not saying much. Dwight was excellent throughout, and I would like to see the interplay between he and Angela rekindled. Who knew he was such a player though? Must be the beets. I could also do without the scrambled image of him arising bare-assed from bed, I still shudder.

They really need to tone down the self-caricature that Michael has become. At first it was uncomfortable and funny, now it is uncomfortable and boorish.

It was also good to see some of the fault lines with Jim and Pam. They usually come off as generally confident and prepared, but their resistance on leaving the hospital to signify that they have to be parents on their own showed how really terrified they were about the situation. I love the nurse’s “know it all” line as well.

Favorite throw away line: I have a shirt like that in my car.

The “OMG we have the wrong baby” was telegraphed far in advance – as soon as Jim pulled the baby over I knew it was the wrong one. And I thought Dwight demolishing the kitchen was a little over the top.

But other than that, it was a cute episode. I’m glad Erin and Andy finally are getting together. The show could have used more Oscar and Creed though.

Edited to add: the other thing I didn’t like is how it put my wife back in the “Aww, let’s have another baby!” place.

I think there were a few random gems this season. I still liked “The Lover”, (where Michael breaks up with Pam’s mother). Manager and Salesman along with Secret Santa were good too.
This season just had a DULL start, probably had to do with all the effort that went into the ‘Meh’ wedding episode. Plus the clip show episode, which was disappointing because it was a clip show episode.

I like where things seem to be going though. I would say things are getting back on track, (for me at least).

I think that as a non-American, this was one of the Office episodes that I found it hard to relate to. Waiting until the very last minute to go to the hospital for insurance reasons doesn’t really compute in this part of the world - not to mention that Pam would have been on maternity leave for about a month or two already before the delivery. That being said, I thought this was a sweet episode and I think John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer did a good job in portraying first-time slightly overwhelmed parents. I also laughed out loud at Dwight’s insistance that his and Angela’s child be male: “all you need to do is keep the womb extremely warm for two days after sex and then extremely cold for five months”.

edit: Oh, and also at throwing the sword and the axe out of the car, wtf? :smiley:

I hated this episode, to the point where I eventually gave up and turned it off (I watched up until the point where they had the baby). I thought that outside of a couple of one-liners (“I have a shirt like that in my car”), it was totally humorless and that Jim and Pam were acting like completely different characters. Easily, easily the worst episode of the series.

[paraphrasing here…]
Michael: We’re going to the hospital – somebody bring a dictionary!!!

Oscar: The hospital will provide a dictionary, we need to bring a thesaurus.

Remember, though, that this iwas the event that Michael has been waiting for all year. He’s just so excited that all of his weirdness bubbles up helplessly.

I thought Ryan’s moments were cute, and I thought Angela was nicely subtle this time around.

I didn’t get the awkward moment at the very end when Pam and Jim came home to see Dwight in their kitchen.


They sent Dwight to get her iPod. They come home from the hospital a couple of days later and Dwight is in their house and their kitchen’s demolished. I’d expect that to be somewhat awkward.

I didn’t think Michael was *THAT *bad this episode…

Trying to wait until after midnight to go to the hospital is a real phenomenon, I think people have talked about it on these boards. We eventually learn, however, that Pam delayed going because she was really more terrified about giving birth.

And since Pam is in sales, Pam might prefer to come into the office all the way up to the delivery date, so as to earn more commissions, and also to be with her husband.

Not to mention that it affects what day her maternity leave begins. I had a friend to gave birth on Thanksgiving night. Her company fought with her and tried to count that day as one of her maternity days, and she had to try to convince them that she would have stayed at work for the whole day since she didn’t have the baby until later that night.

That is true, Michael’s big stage, and he rose to meet the expectation.

Dwight found mold in the kitchen, and took it upon himself to rip out the cabinets and replace them. Really not totally out of character for Dwight, and I think Jim and Pam were just too frazzled to even bother asking for an explanation.