The Office - 10/25/12 - Here Comes Treble

And with everything going on, it was clear Jim missed his chance to be on the ground floor.

I don’t understand why Toby was so mad after Nellie took off the wig. Was he only interested in her because she looked like him and he somehow forgot that she isn’t actually him?? I don’t get it.

Yes, he was only attracted to her because she looked like him.

I don’t think that he had the funds to do so. I got the impression that the other founders put in significantly more than $10k.

He was mad and humiliated because she turned him down. He assumed that the costume was a compliment which is what gave him the idea to ask her out.

And that’s sitting out in the elements. Presumably, Dwight would spend the majority of his time indoors. So it would take a LONG time for the pumpkin to rot off his head.

Not trying to threadshit: Has this series gotten any better or worse since a couple of seasons ago? I quit watching back then because the quality took a real nosedive. I tuned in for the hell of it two weeks ago and lasted about five minutes before turning it off again. I know this is the last season, so am wondering if they’ve bothered to put a big effort into the writing.

Yes. It is now the greatest show that ever was or ever will be!!!

It’s hasn’t gotten any better. It’s totally stale now for the most part but I’m going to finish it off. I don’t know that the is bad as much as they have run out of anything to do with the characters after nearly 200 episodes.

I know so. I make one every year. Carve it on Halloween itself. It’s gross and rotten with in a few days, by the time you hit a week you do not want to be anywhere near it.

Mine are usually still in decent condition after 5-6 days. I carve them a few days before Halloween and don’t toss them until a few days after.

I had that opinion three seasons ago, but stuck it out for one more. Too bad, as it had its moments.

It really lacks consistency (except consistently sucking).

As noted upthread, character reactions are often out of left field. Erin is weird, but the Nerd reaction was ridiculous. And the Dwight/Jim dynamic is way off now. And Andy is kind of lost between competent/ridiculous.

That said, the massive prank on Dwight this week has intrigued me.

Any chance one of you lives in a much colder climate than the other?

It really all depends on what kind of knife they use. :wink:

One of the best episodes in a long time. Still flawed at times. Especially the Andy storyline which is repetitious and uninteresting.

But it was the little side things: Toby’s crush, Creed not realizing it was Halloween, etc., that was reminiscent of the show’s better days.

First episode where Catherine Tate didn’t ruin every scene she was in.

I got the vibe from Jim’s meeting that these guys were setting him up. The whole investment thing is a scam to get his money.

I didn’t see the investment thing as a scam. It just looked like Jim was in way over his head.

My reading of the situation:

Jim thought it was going to be him and his old buddy as equal partners, but in reality it was more of his buddy’s company and Jim is just a minor part of the whole operation.

Hasn’t Jim been in constant contact with his buddy for weeks? Like, to the point where Pam was suspicious? How could he have been so clueless coming into this meeting - what the hell have they been talking about?

It’s an old friend of his running with an idea that they had when they were in college together. Plus, no way would they go to all of that trouble for just $10k which they were surprised that he even brought to the game.

I got that impression too. Jim’s been talking about this like it was a startup that he and his college buddy are going to put some sweat equity into and take their shot at the brass ring. But that meeting was Jim offering money to some suits with no strings attached. Something doesn’t add up here, and odds are the guy who’s throwing out money because he feels like he’s late to the party is the one getting screwed.