The Office - 10/25/12 - Here Comes Treble

Creed: “That’s what she said.”
So for all who’s DVR’s cuts off the tale end. Andy’s parents are broke. Oscar and the STATE senator make out, and Toby strikes out with Nellie.

The cold open was stupid. And I thought Colbert would be their in person. But there were some good things about this episode.

“You went to Cornell?”

What was up with Erin hysterically laughing over Dwight’s Jim/Nerds joke? She looked like she was going to pee herself.

I didn’t understand Jim’s story… would someone explain it to me?

Meredith: “Stop baggin’ my head”

If there were “some good things”, I didn’t see them.

I DVR this show but usually leave it for the weekend. I’d heard Colbert was going to guest-star, so I thought I’d watch it live. Big mistake: They totally wasted Colbert by having him on video (you could tell his segments were pre-taped), and I for one am not at all interested in the group politics of the alumni of a college a capella group. The whole “Boner Champ” thing was utterly unbelievable and cringe-worthy at the same time.

The B-story was just lazy: Dwight finds a pill, which gives him an excuse to team up with Nellie this week and set up a series of pratfalls. As for the ongoing storylines (Jim’s investment, Erin’s sputtering romance, Oscar and Angela’s husband), they’ve really been played like soap-opera-level complications. The only hope for the Jim/Pam fight is that Jim finally stands up to his wife and explains what has been so blitheringly obvious about his character for 7+ years: That he’s fed up with never taking a real chance with a career. As for Erin being tempted by the new blond guy in the annex…haven’t we been down this road before?

Even the Halloween costumes were lame: Dr. Cinderella? Dwight with a pig nose? Angela as Nancy Reagan (took a bit to figure that out)? Kevin a Charlie Brown? Nothing that even approached Pam’s classic Charlie Chaplin/Hitler from a few seasons ago. Creed’s was the best, and he wasn’t even trying.

I like, (some of the), “soap-opera-level complications”. That’s what the show use to be before it turned almost into an ‘episodic’ comedy.

But I didn’t quite follow what Jim did at the meeting, I know Pam was pissed…

I didn’t DVR the episode.

I thought Jim was a primary player in the business venture but at that meeting he was kind of a third wheel, and blurted out his max investment offer after they said they’re all set with investment money, and without learning anything about who had already invested, and how much. He’s clearly not a point person in that deal.

I thought Andy’s costume was great, by the way.

The bit at the end with Toby and Nellie was weird- was he only attracted to her when she was dressed like him?

I think Toby must have felt flattered. And he’s desperate. It was so awkward when he leaned in to kiss her… looking like him.

For several years, we’ve seen that Erin has a very weird personality and sense of humor. She just thought the “Nerds” joke was hysterical to the point of almost peeing herself.

Yeah, he didn’t get that it was a joke at his expense.

Still, that was a little much for me.

I thought the B story line was to start the wheels in motion for Dwight and Nellie. I actually was thinking that with Dwight’s long-rumored spinoff that Nelly would be a nice addition. She could be the transplant into rural PA and the fish out of water wife. I think the pair of them could really actually work well together as a comedy duo- both can play the straight man to the others’ hijinx well. Also both are desperate to have children!!! So I think the writers are taking us there and that was the fast conclusion to Angela’s baby’s paternity. And also why Nellie rejected Toby (although she did make a joke about Toby an episode or two ago.

As far as Bonerchamp becoming 100% Michael Scott, we’ve reached that point. The writers have killed naive and innocent and cute B-O-N-E-R-champ and just rewritten the part as “Michael Scott Season 6”.

This right here is the problem with Erin. Her weirdness is so scattershot that we have no idea exactly what her reaction is going to be. Kevin and Creed are weird too, but at least you have some idea what they could be up to in an episode, and they’re background characters. Erin is being put up front as Andy’s girlfriend and confidant, and there’s no character there.

Creed, covered in blood splatter: “It’s convenient that Halloween comes this time of year.”

Terrible episode. I mean, truly awful. THe weird thing is though that the pacing and awkwardness (with long bouts of silence) actually felt very reminiscent of the early seasons, but everything else was ridiculously terrible.

That episode was dreadful. An embarrassment. Even the cold open, which I normally enjoy, sucked.


I think that I have this mostly right. The new company is based on an idea that Jim and his, now much more successful, friend had back when they were in college. When the friend finally had it together enough to go for it, he invited Jim along as a courtesy.

Until yesterday we, the audience, didn’t know how serious it actually was. Jim showed up to the meeting not dressed nearly as nicely as the rest of them, not as in the loop as the rest of them and not as appropriately experienced as the rest of them. He had no idea that they were already fully funded and had a business plan. His $10k was a joke to them. They were polite and a little embarrassed for him but were gracious about it. They clearly invested much more each and already had VC backers. They were funded for a year and Jim’s addition probably bought them an extra day or so, if that.

I guess I’m in the minority in that I really liked it. It wasn’t my favorite episode, but it made me chuckle more than a lot of episodes did last season.

That pumpkin would rot off Dwights head in a day or two max. I forget how long he said it would take, but it was far to long to even be in the galaxy of realism. A farmer, even a beet farmer, should’ve known that.

I don’t think so. I haven’t made a jackolantern in many years but they would last over a week as I recall.

Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Acres is the place to beeeeeee!

I agree that this episode was the setup for where everyone is going to go after the finale. I think the Jim & Pam thing was they agreed to $5000 and he said $10,000 but that wasn’t clear. My DVR cut of when Oscar “gets caught” by the camear but he had already admitted that they were a secret couple. Was there more I missed? The “Boner Champ” story was stupid.

Very meh.

Pam was pissed because the group was already fully funded and he didn’t have to invest anything.