The Office 5/20

Not a bad episode, imho.
Michael: Michael Scott, as seen on TV.

Pacher: I saw you on TV and I want to pinch your tiny weiner.

Michael looking delighted

Pacher: -It’s Pacher.

Michael: Oh Pac-Man, I thought you were a girl!

Michael: We can not let the pedophile win again!

Jo: 9 times out of 10, that’s the anus we they checked.

Jo: Michael Scott, what aren’t you telling me?
Michael: This is what I have to say. [zips lip]
Jo: Tell me.
Michael: [nothing]
Jo: Speak.
Michael: [nothing]
Jo: Speak.
Jo’s Dog: Woof!

So I missed the very end. Did Dwight ever make an offer on the office building?

(Even being “rich beyond his wildest dreams,” I doubt he has enough to plausibly make a downpayment on an office park. But knowing the writers of this show, by next season Dwight will be Dunder Mifflin’s landlord, and top salesman.)

Michael: [Stands in front of Pam, making elaborate gestures]
Pam: Frighteningly, I know exactly what you mean.
Michael: [whispers] Meet me at Meredith’s van in 5 minutes.
Pam: You didn’t have to say it.

The bit with the IT guy at the end seemed… like they were fulfilling a contractual obligation for the actor. Like they promised to give him a scene that featured him for 90 seconds, or something. Stupid and forced.

Not a bad ep, but what the hell was that short clip of David in his “suck it” T-shirt? It looked like somebody spliced in something from a very old episode.

Not a bad episode.

I enjoyed the episode, but it made no sense in the context of the show’s premise:

Jo: Who alerted the media?

Michael: What do you mean? We have a documentary crew here filming everything we do. You knew about it the last time you were here. Suddenly its a problem?

Didn’t Jim once ask Dwight something along the lines of “If you could do anything you wanted, anything at all, what would it be” and Dwight mentioned something about working for a paper company and making $80,000 a year.
I had a LOL moment when Ryan sent himself a Woof. All the pop up screens on his computer, the fax machine fired up, his phone beep (probably both texts and emails) and then Erin on speakerphone “Ryan you have a woof on line 1”.

Michael read a statement to the press for Jo, who had opened up to Michael that she hated the fact that she sold cheap printers. Michael said that they, (Sabre), were sorry for their laps in judgment and candor, and made a recall

Jo, appreciating Michael stepping in to talk to the press, told him to give her a shout if there was anything she could do. He mentioned transferring Holly back from Nashua. Jo said; “Let me see what I can do.” I just watched the end 5 times, the look on Michael’s face after that really shows that he’s overcome with the possibility of Jo looking into it, and it actually possibly happening.

I’m not saying this out of joy to maybe get to see Holly again. I liked it because It’s been a while in the show where there’s a scene of that they just show the silent reaction of the character, and I must say pretty well. I like and miss the ‘old-school’ subtlety that I think is lacking a bit. I think Michael’s been much more tolerable these past few episodes too.

I think Andy WAS brave for doing what he did, the things caught on fire.

That was just to show that even David Wallace was talking w/ the press. The joke is that they were hunting for a whistleblower, but there were like five or six different people that had blabbed to the press in some form or another.

I thought that too, but when Jo spoke to the camera, it, (In my mind), showed that they wanted, AND were close to addressing it before it got out.

I thought that too, but when Jo spoke to the camera, it, (In my mind), showed that they wanted and were close to wait to address it before it got out.
That camera crew would step in you think? What I’m saying is, it doesn’t seem like if there IS “The Office Doc.”, that it’s ‘out’ yet… If they just waited a little longer, they would have had it under control, even with the bit with Andy and Darrel. You have control over it if you nip it in the butt before anyone says anything.

“-**it ****seems **like if there IS “The Office Doc.”, that it’s ‘out’ yet…”

That was fantastic!

And was Ryan wearing an undershirt over his dress shirt?

I thought tht was probably my favorite scene. I think it was the “lampshade” moment of “Oh yeah we introduced this character this season but didn’t do anything with him… let’s give him a funny exit scene”

“I think his name is Shadow or Garth… something weird like that.”

I thought it was more of an Arzt moment. He’s a guy who HAS to exist, yet his isn’t part of the clique so he may as well not exist.

Like Arzt on “Lost”, who even commented on the fact that people other than the main characters are DOING stuff even if the cool kids don’t care.


That actor guy has a show that got picked up for the Fall season. Guess they had to write him out some how.

Was I the only one disappointed that we didn’t get to see that Korean surgeon/warehouse guy again?

I don’t want to become the guy who points out all the things that don’t make sense every week, but really? Last week Dwight says “I don’t have $30,000 lying around” (regarding the Angela contract thing) and this week he’s thinking of buying an office building?

Well just cause he said it doesn’t mean it was true, remember Sabre has a commission policy that is very friendly towards their salesmen and Dwight is the best one in the company.