The Office 9/20 - New Guys

Well, it’s the last season of the show. We learn Dwight’s not the father of Angela’s baby, Kevin ran over a turtle. Jim’s friend is starting a new company based on an idea Jim had back in college, (something about sports marketing where the athletes are partners). Kelly and Ryan move to Ohio… not together. AND they talk to the camera man! And he talks back!

Pete and Clark, or the new Jim and Dwight are around. So that’s new.

So, Andy was pretty mean to Nellie. Yes she tried to take his job, but Andy hired her back. The one Michael reference was funny when Andy said to toby that he understands why Michael hated him so much. there were a few other funny parts of the show, but I don’t watch it for belly laughs.

I hope this is the start of a good final season.

I thought it was pretty lame but was saved by Creed’s summary at the end. I couldn’t help but think that most of the actors must be feeling “I’m still on this show?” much like their characters must think “I’m still at this job?”

I disagree. What else do the actors have going for them? Creed was funny though.

Anyway Oscar was talking to the senator, right?

I thought this episode was a step up form the last couple of seasons and a promising start. Hoping this show goes out on a high note.

Actually, I’d think that they would be thinking themselves very lucky to have a regular role in a successful series. That’s a lot better than the vast majority of actors ever get.

The Creed bit at the end was easily the highlight. Just brightening up another boring day at the dog food company!

I think Kevin stole the show with the turtle and the; “But you can’t eat cats. You can’t eat cats, Kevin.”

The guy that plays Kevin is very different IRL. He talks so differently. I wonder where Gabe is now.

There’s a big spoiler for the Halloween episode. Next week’s episode sounds interesting too.

*State *senator.

I love Clark Duke. So adorable!! I wonder how long it took him to be able to nail the slackline like that? I googled a bit and apparently “slackline” is a “sport” and the Gibbon Slacklines USA company is very excited to have it featured on a TV show!

I thought the whole show was good. Very quirky!


I thought this was quite a promising start to the season. I liked that Jim and Pam are going somewhere again, I’m curious whether (as it’s the final season) we’ll learn a bit more about the fictional camera crew, and most of the jokes connected. And they’ve also put a bunch of the dumb stuff from last season behind them without pretending it never happened.

The really chickened out big time with Angela’s baby. There was absolutely no good reason for Dwight not to be the father.

I’m a big ol’ softy sometimes but I was really touched by Erin’s exuberant joy that Andy was back. Oh, what I would give to have a pretty girl that happy that I was back!

Liked the new guys being “new Jim” and “new Dwight” and Dwights paternal feelings towards his…until the new guy made a play for Dwight’s accounts.

Sure there is… His spin-off.

And she cheats. There’s no reason why a third guy couldn’t be involved.

I thought they might bring Angela and the baby in the spin-off. It’s not looking good for that I guess. People on the other sight are saying the diapers were switched.

IMO, the only good thing about this episode was that we did not once hear from Phyllis.

Kevin’s turtle episode was just creepy, disgusting, vile, stupid and hideous - much like Kevin himself.

The rest of the episode was just terrible as usual.

The turtle bit, Creed’s summary and for some reason the paper falling out of the copier couter-weight and fluttering to the ground were the funniest bits for me.

Nitpick: The counterweight wasn’t a copier, but an HP 4250 printer, one that weighs about 40-50 pounds. So it didn’t even weigh enough.

BTW, I was slightly bothered by the “what I did during my summer” bit in the cold open. Office work isn’t like television programs or schools, where everyone scatters for the summer and reunites in September. These people would have been working together the whole summer. I did like that they directly addressed the question of why the film crew was still there after all this time.

The camera crew took the summer off which could mean that it’s a student project at the local college or something. They wanted an update because they have been gone for that time.