The Office: Creed Bratton – Man of Mystery?

I’m a fan of The Office, and I think Creed is one of the more interesting characters. Aside from one episode (Product Recall), he seldom plays a large role, but usually has one or two very odd and humorous lines. I’ve been trying to piece these together to figure out who exactly is Creed Bratton? Here’s what I’ve go so far:

[ul]Is not entirely sure what his job at Dunder Mifflin actually is (he was unable to remember his position when asked in Goodbye, Toby)[/ul]
[ul]Used to be homeless before getting a job at Dunder Mifflin (I forget the exact episode where this was revealed)[/ul]
[ul]Currently lives by the quarry (mentioned in Frame Toby)[/ul]
[ul]Apparently disposed of the original Creed Bratton and assumed his identity (revealed in Crime Aid)[/ul]
[ul]Will lie, cheat and steal without compunction (steals chips in Casino Night, lies and gets an innocent worker fired in Product Recall, and follows up by stealing the money from her goodbye card – classic Creed!)[/ul]
[ul]Is knowledgeable about drugs (he identifies the specific variety of weed in Dwight’s interrogation picture in Drug Testing)[/ul]
[ul]Is knowledgeable about unusual sexual positions (he identifies an exotic sexual position in Micheal’s Kama Sutra handout in Diwali)[/ul]
[ul]Actively avoids the local police (he uses the camera crew to hide from them in Frame Toby)[/ul]

So, wise Dopers – help me fill in the blanks. Your speculations on his background are welcome, too…

wiki’s got the canon rundown.

Woo Hoo! A Creed-o-rama of information. Thanks Boozahol.

Other comments and speculations are still welcome :slight_smile:

He is also remarkably old. In his 80’s. (Fun Run)

He is also the former guitarist of 60s group The Grass Roots who did “Midnight Confessions” and “Let’s Live for Today”

According to his blog, he has a pet squirrel that he found in Michael’s safe.

That is hilariously weird! Michael probably thought it would be safer in a dark hermetically sealed hardened steel container. For once Creed’s thievery served the greater good… :slight_smile:

In a deleted scene from the “Booze Cruise” episode, you can see Creed jamming with the boat band. Dude can play.

Except for the three days a week he lives in Toronto.

I assume you know this, but: that’s true of the actor as well, which justs add to the layers of wonderfulness.

He’s only got 4 toes on one foot (from the episode where everyone brings their kids to work).

I thought he said that he sleeps in the office when he isn’t in Toronto?

The ep where he dyes his hair to look younger and talk hip was hi-larious.

He sells fake ID’s and eats “mung beans” that he keeps in his desk. (they smell like death, according to Ryan).

FYI, that link failed to work until I added the closing parenthesis:

Don’t forget, he’s been in multiple cults, some as a follower, some as a leader. :slight_smile:

I’m surprised Creed favors a health food like mung beans. I expect him to subsist on–I don’t know, toxic waste or something.

Perhaps they are the only thing that will grow in his desk drawer? If they ever gave him a filing cabinet he would put on 20lbs…

The Squid lives only to serve. (or molest, in the case of new members… speaking of which, haveyou met my friend, the goat?)

He speaks fluent Mandarin and he got his work done months ago.