The Office - Favorite Episodes

The premiere episode of The Office just showed and there have been a couple of new thread regarding The Office lately.

So, I’d like to see what people think is the all-time funniest episode of The Office.

For me, the funniest all-time episode is the one where Michael believes an insurance salesman named Mr. Grotti is actually a member of The Mafia.

The funniest moment comes when Andy Bernard (dressed as a mechanic) goes into the parking lot to help some lady who can’t get her car started and destroys her car.

This episode also contains one of the only funny moments involving Kevin where he cancels Jim & Pam’s credit card when they are on vacation.

I have always felt that several of the cast - especially Phyllis and Kevin were a complete waste of time and should never have been members of this cast. IMO, they both are just dreadful and almost never funny.

So, what are your all-time funniest episodes of The Office?

Phyllis isn’t really funny in herself, but I think it’s good that she is there, so other people can be insensitive towards her.

Today I read some bio info about Phyllis that said she used to be a burlesque dancer.

Hard to believe.

Almost impossible.

You would think that in all these years she would get her teeth straightened. I think most people just have no idea how badly teeth like that detract from your looks and from the way people treat you.

I would spend most every penny I had to correct my teeth if they looked like hers.

Memorable episodes:

  • Michael burns his foot on a Foreman grill
  • Reading Michael’s film script about secret agent “Michael Scarn” and “Dwigt”
  • Prison Mike

Great episode! Contains many LOL moments. Remember Dwight crashing his car and vomitting? Excellent comedy!
I am surprised at the number of responses to this thread.

When I first posted it, I thought a lot of people would have some favorite memories from The Office. I was surprised and somewhat disappointed when there were so few responses for so long. But, as of late, there have been a few replies and I’m very pleased about that.

Agreed on this one. Micheal’s explanation on how he loves bacon in the morning and doesn’t have a butler to cook it for him, so he puts some in the George Foreman grill is hi-larious.

There are other funny episodes out there, I’d have to think about it for a bit.

There are so many great episodes to choose from, but one I watched recently that I love is the episode where Phylis gets flashed (“Women’s Appreciation” I think)…

Dwight: "This is a petition for the business park to upgrade their security cameras as well as install two floodlights in the parking lot… now, now I know what you’re thinking, ‘won’t that just shed more light on the penises?’ but that is a risk we have to take.

I like the part with Ryan, crushing up baby aspirins in Michael’s pudding cups. Twenty minutes later, Michael is feeling much better.

And Michael moaning about how he fell in the bathroom and he needs Ryan to help clean him up. Yikes!