The Office - Season 6, Episode 3 - The Promotion

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Jim & Michael are becoming BFF, and it seems that Jim’s path to Michaelhood has been paved in gold. I loved Jim’s little half-hearted goofy attempt at a retreat after he announced the Plan That Drew 1000 Protests. Dwight was remarkably effective at sabotage, though he has to work on his revolutionary speeches. And damn if Michael’s mug gift wasn’t the cutest thing ever.

A true bromance!

It was interesting to see an acknowledgment of the problems inherent in having Jim supervise his fiancee. I wonder if that’s going to be a recurring theme.

The picture of Toby’s face was funny. Jim and Michael having a serious argument over Michael’s flaws and Jim’s secret dealings with Wallace was not. Although it was then amusing to see Jim discovering that making tough decisions is harder than he thought.

After all the times Michael has fake-fired people, I really thought Jim would backpedal and say that he was joking, everybody was really getting a 1.5% raise. And Michael would be so proud he would weep.

When Jim was acting out the tape-rewind thing, for that moment, he was Michael. I really hope he becomes a better manager.

Not a great episode, but I thought the scene where Pam is trying to hint to Kevin that they want money for a wedding present and he says “Will you take a check?” was cute. And the way she squeed when he wrote it to “Mrs. Pam Halpert.”

Honestly I’m starting to think almost no one could be a good manager in that office unless maybe it’s someone totally new. The staff has zero respect for anything Michael and now Jim says. They are always sarcastic or straight up defiant in return. In less Jim wants to be a total hardass I’m not sure how effective he can be.

The whole thing demonstrated how unworkable the “co-managers” plan is. David Wallace really should have more clearly defined their responsibilities. (I would have put Michael in charge of the sales people and Jim in charge of everyone else. That would also mean that Jim would not be in charge of Pam.)

“Uh huh…aaaand, did you cry?”


I kind of liked the continued theme of Jim becoming Michael (by essentially overthinking himself, employing hackneyed analytical methods, and being too clever by half), and discovering that maybe he could even learn something from Michael (giving everybody an equal COLA, however small, was really the only solution).

I was kind of disappointed to see him still trying to dick with Dwight. That was borderline when they were equals, but it’s completely inappropriate now that Jim is Dwight’s boss, and (though he probably doesn’t realize it) is not a million miles away from Michael fake-firing people.

The bonding was nice, as was Michael giving Jim the mug.

Pam asking for cash was tacky (especially since she’s been saying behind their backs that she doesn’t really want them at her wedding), but I think that did just make it a tiny bit satisfying to see her get scammed by Ryan in the tag.

Where did Jim’s new office come from, by the way?

Yeah, I was wondering about that. I never that space before :dubious: Perhaps it was a converted storage closet. He didn’t have any windows, did he?

He had windows out into the main office space.

Here is a fan generated floorplan of the entire office. If this is accurate, there appear to be a couple of previously unseen spaces where an office could have been installed for Jim. It looked in the episode like Jim’s office was in the opposite corner. In the lower middle-right, there’s an enclosed space with question marks in it, just to the right of a conference room, but it looks accessible only through the break room. In the extreme lower right hand corner, there’s remote, semi-enclosed space where kelly and Toby sit. Maybe that was converted.

In any case, it looks like the show has preserved nooks and crannies in the virtual floor plan that we haven’t necessarily seen before.

ETA a window looking out to the main space kind of complicates things.

They did, however, like the fact that Jim was upfront about what was going to happen, even if they didn’t like it.

Also, what does a bean mean!?

They had 24 jelly beans each and were using them to allocate the bonus money.

Was Jim’s office maybe the room where previously they’ve watched movies and had race relations training and stuff?

No, that’s the conference room. I think they probably just moved some stuff around. It looked like the accountants were in the opposite corner now.

One point I forget, who else loved the group confession?

Dwight(Throwing his voice): Get rid of Jim!
Meredith: That’s right! What who said that?
Dwight: Creed did.
Creed: Yep.

Nah, that’s the conference room. Jim’s office seemed to be on the opposite side - over near where Creed sits maybe?

So was Dwight standing up for the others against his own self interest because he truly was outraged or because he hates the fact that Jim got the promotion?

And Jim’s naive attitude is actually a bit shocking. I mean even in a “normal” office, I highly doubt coming out and trying to “reason” with everyone about the sales staff getting the raises, especially when he was a slaesman and his finacee is also, seems actually VERY stupid of Jim,

I agree. That totally didn’t ring true.

It actually fits in really well with Jim. His management style is basically “don’t be Michael.” Just like when he wanted to have one birthday party instead of many.

I liked it for the reasons Tom Tildrum and Dio did; However, I personally like the idea of money over gifts. The one exception would be a person haveing something of value they could offer that they, themselves, don’t need; In which case it would be something I would ask about. If they’re direct enough to ask for cash, I wouldn’t have a problem saying; “what are you looking for, because I’ve got a some crap I don’t need, you may want”.

I don’t judge the show on belly laughs, and I’m glad to see they’re following through with the scenarios’ they’ve presented for the characters. I mean, have we ever been updated on Pam being in sales since she got the job **months **ago? I hope after the wedding, these career changes are further explored… When’s the baby due?