The Office: "The Meeting" (open spoilers)

Kind of a dick move for Jim to go behind Michael’s back like that. Glad it blew up on him. I think the “co-manager” thing is kind of lame, though. Hope that’s not permanent.

The B story was pretty good. Darryl’s sister made me laugh.

I was a little surprised that Jim and Pam don’t want their coworkers to come to their wedding, but I guess they’ve always been a little snotty and “above” the rest of the crew.

I laughed at Kelly telling pam she only wanted to go to the wedding if Ryan was there (…otherwise it’s a big waste of time").

I liked the inclusion of a shaker can of parmesan cheese in the cheese platter…


“I once had a glass of cognac that cost 77 dollars”

Obviously a transitional episode to set up the rest of the season, so not a real hoot, but still a good one. i like Andy’s little part about his bad sales (“Again with the cousin?”)

I didn’t really think Jim was dick, seeing as he was trying to get Michael promoted as well. And he was right about how it probably would have gone just as bad had he told Michael and he wanted to help.

I’m not surprised about having the wedding far away either, considering they wanted to elope. I also remember Phyllis’s wedding being one of the most cringe-worthy episodes of all time. Sure, some of the office workers aren’t too bad, but would you want Dwight, Angela, Meredith, and Creed at your wedding?

Also, I’m really curious as to what other job offer Jim got.

You’d want any of them at your wedding?

Even if Jim was trying to get Michael promoted too, it was still presumptuous and arrogant to do it behind his back. He may have meant well, but would anybody really want an underling secretly trying to make career decisions about them without consulting them.

Michael’s criticisms were not entirely without merit either.

I forgot about Any’s cheese platter. That was pretty funny. It not only contained a shaker of parmesan, but a bottle of blue cheese dressing.

No. Good point.

Jim was afraid that Michael’s “help” would fuck it up, but he should have told him. The scary part was, the criticisms of Jim that Michael made were right on target. But of course, Michael winds up screwing himself over in the end.

I cannot blame Jim and Pam one bit for not wanting their co-workers at the wedding, and the ep amply demonstrated why. Meredith, Ryan, Angela, Kelly, all snotty, neurotic assholes in this episode. They should have just eloped. I wouldn’t invite Angela to my wedding if I were Pam after she told Pam her baby would be a bastard.

The Darryl/Dwight storyline was hilarious. Of course, Toby is the person who winds up screwed in the end.

Maybe, but weren’t those criticisms (the ones in Jim’s file, right?) actually made by Toby? Toby, who had a huge crush on Pam and was jealous that Jim spent time flirting and goofing with her. Not exactly an unbiased assessment.

You guys are missing the Greatest Morsel… There is going to be a wedding episode! Dwight at a reception… the possibilities are endless!

Not unbiased, but not inaccurate either. Jim really does have a history of being lackadaisical about his job.

Is it entirely appropriate to put Jim in a position of being his wife’s boss? That seems like it could be problematic both at work and at home.

I once had a glass that cost $120. Louis XIII Remy Martin. Damn fine cognac, but not worth that much, especially as I don’t usually have a full glass of liquor.

Indeed. Not only that, but we’ve seen in the past that Jim is like Michael in a lot of ways. Michael was (and in theory still is) a great salesman, but a legendarily bad boss. Jim is a fairly good salesman, but he’s prone to dickish behavior and has screwed up most or all past instances of being in charge (with hilarious results).

It’s tempting to say that Jim is going to end up as another Michael Scott, but it looks like he’s going to be a husband and a daddy, which is the exact emotional outlet that Michael so desperately needs and craves. Of course, if something does split Jim and Pam apart, that would make his descent into Michaeldom all the more tragic.

The bit with Micheal asking Oscar for colonoscopy advice was by far the funniest thing in the episode.

So gay men of straightdope, any advice on making a colonoscopy more pleasurable for yourself and your doctor? :smiley:

How does Michael still have a job?

Which will likely make for a few entertaining episodes.

Decent episode. Dwight’s reaction to Jim’s promotion - “AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH!” - cracked me the hell up.

For some unexplained reason, his branch is doing the best.

WRT inviting the other people to the wedding. There’s what everyone else said, plus Pam mentioned it was $75 per plate, so they’re probably also trying to keep the costs down.

There were funny moments in this episode but it was generally weak.

Yet ANOTHER unbelievable-by-any-stretch-of-the-imagination-Homer-Simpson-moment where Michael behaves like a borderline retard and rides into the meeting room inside a cheese cart.

And the whole plotline where Jim has a secret meeting with David in which he tells him “Promote my boss and then make me branch manager!” is completely unrealistic and would never happen in real life. It’s not up to a salesman to tell corporate to make changes to his management and oh-by-the-way promote me too.

Uh huh.

The opening sequence with Oscar was the funniest part. By far.

It seemed to me that Michael later implied that wasn’t a real file.

Jim got another job offer. I think he went to David and asked him to match it (which would mean making him branch Manager). My guess is that David told Jim that there is already a branch manager and Jim tossed out the idea of promoting Michael.

It was real. Toby wrote that review way back when he had the hots for Pam and was trying to stick it to Jim (an ep from several seasons ago).

I liked this episode, but this subplot seemed a little odd to me given the events of the “Cafe Disco” episode. I can totally understand Pam and Jim wanting to get married quietly without their coworkers present and they were indeed on the verge of just eloping, but changed their minds at the last minute. IIRC their reasons were not stated explicitly, they just said they decided they wanted to have a wedding, but I certainly got the impression that Pam and Jim had realized they wanted their annoying but sometimes lovable coworkers present after all. So it seemed a little strange to me that they would then try to discourage all their coworkers from coming.

Of course, given the kinds of people they work with Pam and Jim might very well have had second thoughts about the wisdom of inviting the whole office. But their apparent change of heart with no explanation bothered me a bit.