The Office, "Todd Packer," Feb. 24, 2011

No, Pam bought a new computer, and then had to beat it up to make it look old.

So that IT guy (what was his name, again?) never got replaced?

It was a brand new computer that Pam and Andy “distressed” to make it look old.

Agreed, this episode was seasons 1-3 quality.

I agree that this episode was top, top notch. Loved every second. It was perfect.

I really liked watching Andy sabotage his computer, since he was giving it a voice. “Why are you doing this to me?” as he puts the bologna (with mustard!) in the disc drive. Ha!

Thanks for the explanation. I knew I missed something.

This episode was more of a drama than a comedy, but cheers to Michael for acting like an adult for once. When he was giving Packer that little speech at the snack bar he had this kind of resolve in his eyes that I don’t think we’ve really seen before. He looked like a real boss.