The Office - PDA - Feb. 10, 2011

I’m sure I buy that Holly is so clueless about the inappropriateness about P.D.A. in the workplace. In the past, she has shown signs of being a competent H.R. rep.

Wow, how many more episodes until Michael is gone? Even Holly I’m starting to get sick of.

Two brilliant moments in that ep - Dwight asking about their masturbation policy, and Gabe’s MDMA expertise.

Darryl loses his grandmother, people think it’s his birthday. Sad

Jim and Pam get drunk, look for places to have sex. Kind of lame

Andy gets a date, he and Erin go on Gabe’s romantic treasure hunt. Sweet.

Michael and Holly PDA. A little much… “I enjoy watching them because it makes me horny”.

Michael and Holly dealing with having to possibly part ways, and moving in with each other, the “you ‘love’ me ‘love’ me” part was sweet but part of the PDA plot.

Kevin owns this one… “She goes to a different school”.

I liked the scene where everyone (except Kevin) kept saying of course they’re happy for Michael & Holly, they’re just tired of actually seeing it. :wink:

I really enjoyed this episode. Maybe because I usually imagine most of these comedies (Community, 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, etc) as live-action cartoons and if you imagine a cartoon character doing and saying these things - it’s a lot more believable.

Michael’s answer (and the way he delivered it) regarding the closet masturbation policy was hilarious.

I think “Parks” has been better this season.

Next week’s episode of The Office is one I’ve been looking forward to ever since I heard about it.

It could still be a bad episode, but it’s supposed to be a big one.

I know nothing about next week’s ep, can you put it in a spoiler box?

Also, Parks should have its own thread. That’s been a great show all season. I hope they keep Rob Lowe around.

I thought Kevin was hilarious this episode.

“I like to watch them…wait, can I finish! You don’t even know what I’m going to say! Ok, I like to watch them because it makes me horny.”

Erin and Andy were cute this episode. She was totally going to kiss him.

[spoiler] It’s called **Threat Level Midnight **

You can read the summary here;

Jan, Helene/Pam’s mom, Roy, David Wallace, Karen, and Holly will all be in this one.[/spoiler]

I really liked this weeks episode.

Michael and Holly NOT PDA-ing. “I’m not touching you.”, “I can’t feel your body.”

Kevin’s “She goes to another school” had me chuckling but his “I like to watch them…will you let me finish…I like to watch them because it makes me horny.” had me laughing so loud my roomate came out of his room to ask me what the hell was going on.

Reading next weeks plot has me really excited and looking forward to it. I think it could be a great episode.

I agree with this totally BTW, I believe the show’s gone a little “off it’s hinges” these days.

FWIW, Alan Sepinwall (who hasn’t been enjoying much of The Office lately) really loved this episode. I always really enjoy his reviews and insight and he articulates really well what was great about this one. Worth a read.

Re: next week

Karen’s back!!! Man, I’ve missed Rashida Jones!!! Maybe SHE’ll be the next Scranton manager : )

Re, Re: next week

I wouldn’t expect much, just “old footage” for Michel’s project is what I’m guessing.

Damn. She was easily one of my favorite characters, mostly because I enjoyed looking at her.

Gabe was very funny this episode, I thought. When he was describing the little kissing noises that Michael and Holly make (“It’s like Chinese Water Torture! but in my head…”), and then when he ran through the 3 possibilities for them of why they might be acting that way.

Yeah, the Andy/Erin situation is the main thing keeping me interested these days.

“Do the monkey face…now hurl your feces.”

I also liked Gabe casually admitting to having done Ecstasy.

To Rand McNally:


You should be watching Parks & Recreation; she’s on every week.[/spoiler]

No one is a bigger fan of sexual touching than me.”

Yes, but the reviewer of the episode that **Bob Ducca **linked to is right, it will never hold the same weight as Jim and Pam.