The Office 10/23/2008

Holly’s in trouble …

I don’t know why, but I like the Holly/Michael relationship a lot more after this episode…

Not a great episode, but watching Dwight bid $400…and a penny, and continue to go up like that was hilarious.

I loved Dwight’s list of things that Angela introduced him to. However, the only one I remember is “monotheism”.

Monotheism, sheets, pasteurized milk – there were a few others but I think Phyllis or somebody was talking and I missed them.

I loved Phyllis’s advice about how Dwight should approach Angela. It was so basic, and so wrong, especially for someone like Dwight.

The other two were “presents on your birthday” and “preventive medicine.”

Aw. man, poor Dwight. Angela was just using him for booty calls, I guess.

Holly is soooo getting to get called out for leaving the office open or sleeping with Michael or both. I really love David Wallace but he’s gonna get her fired for something.

Terrific Phyllis scenes–Smith is really growing as an actress. Nice to hear from Nunez too.

BTW, anybody else a bit mad that they’re not mentioning that Pam is probably in the 718, ie Brooklyn? Unless she’s taking all her classes at the smaller building they have on 14th St. in the 212. Brooklyn respect, man.

Absolutely; I and everybody else I know in Atlanta is full of righteous anger about that.

I loved that Michael thought Farm Aid was about “farms fighting AIDS”.

Between Jan and Holly, I’ve gotten the impression that once Michael manages to actually get a woman in the sack, he’s a li’l love machine.

He was surprised, wasn’t he? I’ve forgotten the Dunder-Mifflin rules on romantic relationships. Are there any rules? Are Holly and Michael in violation? They don’t have any power over each other, job-wise. Maybe they’re okay, and David is just flabbergasted that Michael keeps getting the hot women.

His name… Creed Bratton.

A lot of very good throw away lines this episode.

Michael’s list of Springsteen songs: 3 Huey Lewis and the News songs, Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” and “Short People.”

I found myseld singing “The Heart of Rock and Roll” the rest of the evening.

People involved in intra-company relationships are supposed to register with H.R. and sign waiver forms releasing the company from liability should anything go wrong.

The problem now, though, is that Holly is the sole H.R. rep for the branch and she’s having a relationship with the regional manager. That would probably be considered an insurmountable conflict of interest. Add that to the recent lawsuit by Jan, and I think Holly is toast. She’s going to be transferred or encouraged to resign.

I guess David Wallace didn’t see Ryan. Hard to imagine him being okay with that.

A deadpan talking head from Daryl and a bizarro one from Creed will always make me happy. And this was a great episode for Rainn Wilson.


I found myseld singing “The Heart of Rock and Roll” the rest of the evening.[/QUOTE]

I’m sorry. Deeply, deeply, sorry.

Did anyone else think that Jim was going to get pulled over for a DUI? I was convinced that was where the final scene was heading.

What did Pam’s ex say to Jim that made him get in his car to go see her?

Something like “Way to be a friend.” ??

I couldn’t hear clearly what he said.

I liked this better than I have a lot of recent episodes. I thought the Dwight/Phyllis interaction was pretty funny and also very sweet. Love when Phyllis told Dwight that she thought that everybody deserved to be with someone who wanted them.

My favorite throwaway line in the episode was when Phyllis told Dwight that sometimes you have to give someone an ultimatum - it’s either him, or me.

“That’s what my husband did when he said my sister was calling too much.” :eek:

I believe it was “I’d be scared” or “I’d be nervous;” something like that.

When Jim said that Pam had been out all night with her friends, Roy commented, “You were a friend.”

“It squeaks when you bang it. That’s what she said!”

My favorite line from the episode! Mr. Antist and I had to pause the DVR to laugh. :slight_smile:

In a tone which clearly said, “Wow, you’re not at all nervous about this situation?”

While I loved the Holly/Michael stuff, it was really all about Dwight for me. Despite their ups and downs, I have to hand it to the writers - they’ve made my heart break for a character who is generally obnoxious and unlikeable in every way. And I loved Phyllis’s interactions, “You know that I know,” and Dwight “talking to himself” in front of her.

So yeah, about the Holly situation, I had been wondering why Michael wasn’t crowing about his new “love contract.” Oops!