The Office's Angela Kinsey separates from husband

Angela Kinsey (who plays Angela) is breaking up with her husband. Eight-year marriage. Nine-month-old baby. This is sad. Last year, Jenna Fischer (Pam) broke up with her husband. What’s going on here? Why is my favorite sit-com breaking up marriages? Are these suddenly hot stars finding that they have more options than they thought they had, and maybe they regret having “settled” too early?

Is it Jeri Ryan Syndrome?

It’s Dwight’s fault, isn’t it? Come on, you know it is.

It’s the Office Curse!

Which means Nancy Walls will soon be available- swoon!

Which is?

From the linked article:

Now that’s potentially awkward.

I liked the linked article read more links, which included:
"Jenna Fischer: “I Would Go Gay for Kate Winslet” "

According to the divorce records, Jack Ryan was pushing Jeri to engage in all kinds of sexual experimentation, like public sex and stuff. She divorced him and started dating a studio executive. But I’m not sure how that relates to this Office Curse.

Does this mean Jenna Fisher is available? Woo Hoo! Oh wait, I’m still happily married. D’oh. Stupid happy marriage. :mad:

I dont know why I feel this way, and I didnt join the Dope to slam people, (either celebs or other members on this board) but for some reason Jenna Fischer strikes me (from what I have seen of her on several talk show appearances) as someone who has bought into her sudden popularity and newfound fame, and just seems a little smug and full of herself…

She is attractive, but, in my opinion, certainly not striking or drop dead gorgeous. I find the women who play Jan, Angela, Holly, and the ex-girlfriend of Jim? (Quincy Jones’ daughter) all much more attractive than Fischer…

Not looking for an arguement, just my 2 cents.

I heard the backstage orgies are putting a strain on many of the cast and crews relationships.

It goes a little deeper than that, even. Greg Daniels, who is the show’s creator and head-honcho, is married to her husband’s sister. It’s a family group there on set, and this divorce looks to leave Angela as the odd man out. I feel bad for her.

On Angela’s side, though…she and Jenna are best friends, and like noted above Jenna just recently went through a separation/divorce, so she’ll have lots of support there.

Please don’t ask me how I know so much about the inner workings of The Office set. It’s shameful. :slight_smile: