The Official SDMB Non-Flirt Day (for Coldfire)

It’s something that, daily, bothers many people and occasionally irritates the crap out of everyone: flirting.

Coldfire suggested, in a roundabout way, that he would like to see a Day Without Flirting™.

I’m guilty of it, you’re probably guilty of it (or know someone who is.) It’s okay, it’s alright- it has a time and a place. Let’s just give it a rest for a day (maybe longer?) No overzealous flirting, no innuendo- subtle or otherwise (my down-fall,) no mention of dates to come, or people to cum. Just act like your standing next to your parents, preist, rabbi, principal, or boss and let it go. If you simply can’t control yourself, take it to email (actually not a bad idea in general.)

What do you say, this Thursday, December 6, 2001, goes flirt-free?

Kiss me.

…oh, I’d do you so quick! You are sooooo sexy. And a mod, too!

Non-Flirting Day’s Eve should be a lot of fun, with everyone getting the last few flirts out of their system.

Why this Thursday? Did you get rejected for a date Thursday, thinky?

Ducks and runs away

Well, Monster, we gotta keep Friday open, you know.

Coldy? That ol’ jizzmop? Claiming he doesn’t want flirtation for a day?


Thinky, I heard there’s a bitter, Cynical man lookin for a good Friday night…

Sure, I’m in, though it shouldn’t be that hard, since most of the leddies on the board won’t flirt with me anyway, for fear of the feds.
[sub]Damn statutory rape laws.[/sub]

But what’s the penalty for flirting? Fifty lashes with a wet noodle? Nah, that might come across as a flirt in and of itself…

but but but… I just started a ChiDope thread. How can I go a day w/out flirting in a ChiDope thread?

Damn. Well, I’ll just go flirt with CuteGuyAtTheOffice tomorrow instead.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, Porc, flirt away :wink:

It is obvious you know nothing of my boss or my parents if you think standing next to any of them would keep me from flirting shamelessly if the mood struck.

Especially my boss!

I’m wearing a towel and nothing else…

Ebijday, ixnay onway ethay ansplay

Been there, didn’t get the chance to do that…yet…

Good, that day is my wedding anniversary. It’s only fitting that for 24 hours, I stop chasing all you Doper fellas (and a few gals) so relentlessly. You’ll hardly recognize me on Thursday, I’ll seem so different.

I can still fantasize about you all, though, can’t I?

I’m not bitter. I’ve been drinking pineapple juice.

Bullsh*t. You’ve been bitter ever since the Pet Shop Boys’ last album didn’t go platinum.

What have I

What have I

What have I done to deserve this?