"The One"; Blatant, cheap, and made-for-suckas

I’ve seen the trailer for Jet Li’s The One, and my first impression is that they are trying to sucker gullible people into believing this is a sequel to The Matrix. With pumping music, eye-candy stunts and the statement “He can bend reality with his mind”, it smells like a Matirx wagon-jumper to me. More than that; I really think some people might believe this is a sequel.

Anyone else have an opinion?

I think it looks good. I wish it were the Matrix sequel. I’d rather see a bad Jet Li movie than a really good Keanu movie.

Anyway, if anyone is stupid enough to actually believe this is Matrix II, they don’t deserve their eight bucks.

I think that that is simply a common sci fi/fantasy plot and they are gaining more popularity.

Oh, Miller, but you just know someone will. People are so stupid. I have hardly any faith in the intelligence of the general public. Maybe I should go to bed.

This is one “sucka” who will be there opening night. Whatever else it may be, it certainly doesn’t look cheap to me. I saw nothing in it to make it seem as if it were being marketed as a Matrix sequel. It looks more like it’s being positioned to take advantage of the recent popularity of martial arts films, and as a follow up to the moderately successful “Kiss of the Dragon”.

Marketers at the movie studios think the public is so dumb that for a sequel they have to put the title of the original somewhere in the title of the sequel. They seriously think that we wouldn’t understand that “Attack of the Clones” was a Star Wars movie without the words “Star Wars” in the title. Any Matrix sequel will have “The Matrix” displayed prominently in the title.

I don’t see anybody but the foolish thinking this is a Matrix sequel.

My big concern, though, is that if half the fights are Jet Li vs. Jet Li, the CGI is going to have to be damn good to make me believe it. I’ll be there, but I’m not going to be surprised if I am disappointed.