The one thing MacGyver can't fix - Dana Elcar dead at 77

CNN obit

Gotta give the man credit for not letting his impending and eventual blindness stop him from working.

He was pretty convincing in a Law & Order episode about a guy who was deeply bitter about his doctor’s inability to correct his diabetic retinopathy. That was the first time I’d seen him post-MacGuyver and hadn’t known before then that he was having vision problems for real.

That’s the third TV “boss” to die recently, the other 2 being:

Leon Askin, *Hogan’s Heroes’ * General Burkhalter.

**JD Cannon, ** Chief Clifford on McCloud.
Look out Ed Asner!

The first thing I ever saw him in was a PBS production of Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot,” in which he played Vladimir, opposite Donald Moffat as Estragon and Ralph (yeah, Pa Walton) Waite as Pozzo.

A very good actor, much better than you’d guess from his mundane, prime time TV roles.

MSTies may remember him from ep #614 - San Francisco International. He was the hippie-hating businessman.

I didn’t know his glaucoma was real, either.

I was kinda hoping that Dana Elcar would get a guest appearance on Stargate SG-1, as one of O’Neil’s former commanding officers or something like that.

This bites :frowning:

Did you see the pilot episode? At one point Samantha Carter eas talking about a difficult problem she and some coworkers had faced, and how they “MacGuyvered” a solution to it.

Elcar also had a brief, but memorable role in the original “Fail Safe.” He played a chap who is arguing house guest “Professor Groeteschele” about nuclear war, shortly before he gives his lecture to the military brass.

May Sorrel Booke live forever.

I bet he was the first guy named “Dana” that a lot of people had ever run across.


I remember that line.