The only wedding website I ever liked is gone! Suggestions?

I’ve had several friends use for ideas for their wedding. It’s gone! Apparently it was purchased by Huffington Post and they totally killed the message boards.

In reality there is very little for me to plan for besides the honeymoon, which is my main focus and interest as I have had to give up multiple travel opps in the last two years due to work and interviewing for jobs. We will be having the wedding in India, which is not my choice of honeymoon destination, but it doesn’t seem smart to fly all the way and not honeymoon there.

My boyf is telling me that if I really don’t want to have the honeymoon there that we should just leave after the wedding and go wherever we think will be the most fun.

Any suggestions for good wedding boards or should I just take myself off to some good travel boards? What I used to like about IndieBride was that everyone seemed to have very thoughtful answers and there was a lot to read about.

That’s a shame about indiebride, I got some good tips there. I think a travel website (ie, tripadvisor forums or whatever) would probably be fine for you, since your question is more about travel than it is about weddings.

But, I agree that there is no reason the honeymoon must immediately follow the wedding - in fact for the most part everyone I know who has traveled immediately after the wedding, has deeply regretted the choice, because they spent a good chunk of it tired. Even a small wedding is exhausting (and I understand Indian weddings to be large multi-day affairs, please correct me if that’s not right).

A popular option is to take 1-2 days rest break after the wedding, in the same town or place where the wedding is held – just check into a hotel and lay low – and plan a more exciting and involved trip a month or so later. That’s what we did and it worked out great. After the wedding we just wanted to sleep, eat leftovers, and generally lay around doing nothing. When we took our honeymoon (during my law school’s winter break) we were able to dive into it totally and enjoy it.

Offbeat Bride ( is the only one I can stomach, and some of the time I want to murder it, too.

Yeah it’s a shame. Most of the members have migrated to altdotlife a long time ago. Not sure if you knew about where everyone goes after they quit IndieBride.

The length and opulence of Indian weddings are somewhat dependent on the culture you come from in India. I’m marrying someone North Indian (1/2 Bihari, 1/2 UP) who comes from a Big Wedding culture. I’m South Indian (1/2 Marathi, 1/2 Konkani) and our weddings are significantly less important and opulent. We will probably have to reach some middle ground between our families but we’re still trying to figure out the date because the soothsayers have said…and let me stop right there because the soothsayers have already complicated my life!

The big wedding is not my preference but in this culture weddings are family affairs and we are both trying to be sensitive to each other’s backgrounds.

I guess I will take off to travel boards although I distinctly remember awesome honeymoon trip reports from all over the world at IndieBride.

Good point about delaying the honeymoon-we can maybe take a cheaper trip in the Himalayas and then have the splurgey-moon later…I’ll have to figure out how to coordinate that. I would much prefer to honeymoon in Costa Rica or Chile than somewhere in India.

Zsofia, jesus, they have a huge application form to become part of their boards! Besides, I guess I don’t qualify because my wedding date is so soothsayer dependent and such. So far they have told us that the demons ride high from November to April 15th (of course the best time for me to get married!!) with a few select dates in February at 2 in the morning.

pinterest has some cute wedding stuff

Congratulations on the impending marriage!

These aren’t US tax demons, are they? :slight_smile: