The Open {Golf tournament}

Holy crap! Way to go Tom!

Yeah that’s a bit out of nowhere. I read a fun item about what would happen if he were to win: previous Open champions are exempt until they are 60, but there’s no extension to that for recent wins. So even with a win this year, he would have to qualify after next year.

Also I think Weir hit all 18 greens in regulation. I don’t recall seeing that too often.

Daly should get a 2 stroke penalty for the outfit.

If Watson wins, that rule might be revisited. :wink:

Here is a message for anyone playing 16: If you can’t get it deep in the green, don’t hit the shot!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Jimenez might manage to win this one; he likes the Open Championship.

Yes, there is.

10 yr exemption for current winners: See #4 below:

  1. First 10 and anyone tying for 10th place in the 2008 Open Championship
  2. Past Open Champions born between 17 July 1943 and 19 July 1948.
  3. Past Open Champions aged 60 or under on 19 July 2009.
  4. The Open Champions for 1999-2008.

So Watson can qualify for the 2011 Championship by winning this week, or finishing in the top 10 next year.

Way too much to hope for, this one round will likely have to do, but… Holy crap! Go Tom!!

Didn’t he do the same thing a couple of years ago?

Yep, he shot 65 in the 2003 US Open, at Olympia Field.

IMO, he has a better chance of competing this week than he did 6 yrs ago.

Thanks, I thought I had remembered that. Of course, Greg Norman made it through three rounds at the top of the leaderboard just last year, although at a significantly lower age.

Tiger is floundering. He gets an occasional birdie but gives it back. He is not making any important putts. He is staying 5 to 7 back so far.

Tiger just hit a tee shot crappy at 10. They just declared it a lost ball. He re hit and now they think they found the first one. He is checking it out. Wrong ball. Tiger will be fighting to make the cut.

Watson finished at -3. Calcavecchia -4. Jimenez at -3 (+3 today)

Could be a record…9 posts in a row with no mention of T.Woods

That’ll teach me to trust Sobel’s blog. :slight_smile: He corrected himself today at least.

Man, Tiger is 2 in back of my man Briny!
Everyone knows he is not my fave, but MAN has he got his work cut out for him.
What happened?
He looked unstoppable in his last win.
My fear was that he was going to stick to his irons off the tee, stay short of the trouble, and run away with it.

I’ve got Justin Rose in a pool, and at least he is alive.
Jimenez would have been a good pick.

My other near picks - McIlroy and Mahan - not so much.
At least I didn’t pick Ian Poulter or Paul Casey like my buddies!

On the one hand, I enjoy seeing someone like Watson rekindle old flames.
On the other, I dislike it because it makes it so easy for the media to run with it as THE ONE STORY of the tournament.

Jeez …what a day for Tom.

Tiger is adding some drama. Cut is likely +4. He was at 7 and birdied 2 in a row. He needs a bird for a sure thing. Or, he can wait and see if 5 squeaks in.

Finished at 5. He needs 7 players on the course to drop to 5 or worse. Not very likely.

Tiger missed the cut.

Caught some of the tourney while working out.
Found it amusing how, as soon as Tiger finished at +5, the discussion turned to what the cut line would be.
Folks who were under par were barely mentioned.
I sure hope the field does not cooperate by drawing back to Tiger.

Will Watson have more left in his tank than Norman did last year?

I think Westwood is looking solid.
Never have been a huge fan of Cink.

And who the heck is Steve Marino?
From 07 through 09:
no wins
2 2ds
2 3ds
13 top 10s.
I’ll go out on a limb and predict he will not be atop the leaderboard come Sunday afternoon!