The overnight music on NPR stations

Do most NPR stations use this same overnight broadcast of classical music? There is some decent music there, but this is a very strange broadcast. A lot of very short pieces as well as a lot of contemporary music. I’m listening to the broadcast online of the NPR station in Wyoming and it is the same as several other NPR stations.

My local NPR station plays jazz from 1930 until Morning Edition starts at 0300 during the week. Weekends they play Blues in the evenings, switching to jazz at midnight until Weekend Edition starts at five.

That sounds nice. Do they broadcast online?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Minnesota Public Radio airs BBC World Service; no music at all.

My local NPR (Dallas-Fort Worth) usually broadcasts BBC World news all night. Kind of a drag if I’m trying to find something interesting to listen to late, because it generally just repeats itself every 30 minutes or so from midnight until Morning Edition starts at 5 or 6. I often have to resort to listening to the loonies on “Coast-to-Coast” on another station.

If you’ve got iTunes just go to the ‘public’ section of the ‘radio’ listings. Just about every public radio station that webcasts is there, as well as the NPR program stream.

Same here at WBEZ in Chicago. A few years back there used to be overnight music (there was a jazz show, in particular, that I remember), but not any more. I quite like the BBC broadcast, because for years when I lived abroad, I would fall asleep to BBC World News set to snooze on the TV. British newscaster voices have since had a somnolent effect on me.

The NPR affiliates in Buffalo (WBUF) and Cleveland (WCPN) play jazz all night. In fact, the NPR affiliate in on FM in Buffalo plays exclusively jazz, except for Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, and a few of the more popular weekend standards like Car Talk and Prairie Home Companion. (There’s an NPR affiliate on AM in Buffalo that is all-talk.)

Wyoming Public Radio plays classical (Performance Today) from 7 pm until midnight on weekdays, then switches to the BBC world service. They do jazz on the weekends.

KQED’s overnight schedule also has no overnight music. 9pm starts it with BBC World for an hour, then three hours of that day’s All Things Considered then another hour of BBC World. 2am is different every day, shows you can hear on the weekend during the day. Then from 3am to 9am it is just repeats of the new days Morning Edition.

On weekends, WBEZ broadcasts Blues Before Sunrise. It’s very nice.

I was listening to Wyoming Public Radio last night all night. It was all classical. KUWY that I found on itunes

However, they have a separate classical music station that plays classical music 24 hours a day.