the people that knew about sexual assault and did nothing to prevent future assault

I’m equally, if not more, upset at the people who knew about sexual assault and did nothing. I’m talking about powerful/famous people who knew about Weinstein’s actions and did nothing.

The people who suffered then ended up as big stars, they either decided that they didn’t want to risk getting black balled in the industry or they decided that it was a right of passage. That if they had to suffer, then the people behind them should have to suffer as well.

Tarantino came out and said he knew and should have done more. There has to be hundreds more who valued their own comfort over the health and safety of others. How do these people wake up and look at themselves (and other people) in the mirror?

Victim blaming is blaming the victim for what happened to them, and I try hard not to do that. But I am blaming victims and other people with knowledge for having absolutely no backbone. The higher up you are on the food chain, the more furious I am with you. I’m (probably) not going to quit being entertained by these people but they should not be admired or emulated.

Yes, I have to agree. We have hundreds of movies and TV shows in which a victim is excoriated because he/she won’t identify the perpetrator or file a complaint. (Not coincidentally, many “#metoo” victims actually appeared in these.) Want to be a contributing member of society, helping to make the world a better place? You have to call out the people who do bad things. It isn’t the victim’s fault, but placing one’s own personal/professional interests above the greater good is not admirable.

It’s easy to join a “class-action” type of movement after someone spills the beans or makes a complaint. It’s damn hard to be Rosa Parks apparently.


I do hope this leads to real and substantial social change and not just something that flares up and is then quickly forgotten.

And I’m probably being cynical (i.e., an asshole) when I say this, but I wonder how many “#metoo” celebrities called their PR people FIRST, then decided to get on the bandwagon.

So, what, exactly, do you think would have happened if one of these women came forward, 20 years ago, and said they were assaulted/raped by HW?

Of course, the police would have taken it totally seriously, and he would have been arrested and kept away from other vulnerable women, right…?

Why limit it to powerful and famous people? What about you? You’re seriously telling us you had no idea there was such a thing as sexual assault until just now? Of course not, you knew people were getting raped left and right all along, and what did you do about it? Why have you not spoken out about this before? Where have you been all this time? How can you sleep at night?

So … people who know, but don’t speak up, are not “contributing members of society” and not admirable, but the people who do speak up are probably just doing it for publicity?

Yeah, you know what? That’s sounds pretty typical, really. Thanks for being part of the problem!

I agree. Not all victims who were silent deserve scorn, but I’m sure some do. And others who were not victims and simply silent to avoid financial loss are just as scummy as the perpetrators.

Hope in one hand, shit in the other.

Two weeks from now, nobody will be talking about this at all. Trump will tweet something stupid, somebody famous will die…

Blah, blah.

…you didn’t try hard enough.

The first accuser is almost universally greeted with derision, scorn, and threats. It isn’t until multiple others come forward that society starts thinking there might be something to the allegations.

We should probably address how victims are treated on a societal level before bemoaning their lack of putting themselves out there for all and sundry to mock, harass, and threaten.

Those that are involved peripherally and did nothing? Fuck them.

I merely said that some deserve scorn. Victims can become abettors and perpetrators themselves, and their victimization isn’t automatically a justification for that. I don’t blame the first, or most of them, or anyone in particular, but I’m certain there will be some who earned the derision they deserve, although may never even receive.

…indeed. Ambra Battilana Gutierrez came forward in 2015. She went to the police. She took part in a sting operation. They got Weinstein on tape. The result?

And after going through all of that: no prosecution. The DA didn’t take the case any further.

Putting any measure of blame on Weinstein’s victims is pretty fucking distasteful in my humble fucking opinion. There are more than enough people to pit in the Harvey story. His brother. The board. The directors like Tarantino who fucking knew but didn’t do anything about it. The District Attorney. Hollywood in general. The media, like NBC, who killed this story even though it passed the “more-than-a-single-verified-source” test with flying colours. There are more than enough villains in this story to sustain a hundred pittings. That people (including the OP) are going after the victims is all part of the bigger problem.

I want you to be fucking specific. Name the victims of Harvey Weinstein who deserves scorn. Name the victims who became abettors or perpetrators. Name the victims who earned the derision they get.

How am I supposed to do that? Do you think it impossible that anyone victimized by Weinstein has not themselves aided or abetted his behavior? I expressed my opinion based on what I know of human behavior, and specifically humans in the world of show biz. I cannot prove it, I could even be wrong, but I doubt it. I am sure there is at least one. And why does that make you angry? Do you think it has never happened before?

…in simpler words you are just talking out of your arse. You are indulging in petty victim blaming. You don’t know jack shit about human behavior. You don’t know jack shit about the world of show biz. You admit you cannot prove it then have the gall to say you “doubt” that you are wrong.

Why does it make me “angry”? Because you are part of the problem. And we are in the fucking pit, so don’t fucking tone police me. If you want a fucking safe space then go post in MPSIMS.

Show me where I blamed any victim for their victimization.

…I said you were indulging in petty victim blaming. That’s a behavior: not a series of words.

Bullshit. I explicitly stated that I believe that some of the victims have become aiders and abettors to the victimization of others, and not in any way that can be justified by their victimization. This is something I believed the OP to have done as well, but I can’t speak for him. I think you are having an emotional response to my words without digesting their content. I do not blame victims for their victimization. The world is full of perpetrators of horrible acts that have been victimized before themselves. Weinstein may be one himself but I have a hard time believing any way in which he may have been victimized justifies his actions.

And I was quite young the last time I needed a safe space from anything. So take your anger and shove it up your own ass if this is the kind of discourse you want.

…bullshit yourself.

Petty victim blaming. You aren’t talking about anything specific: if you want to do that then name names. But this generic bullshit implies all victims who chose not to come forward as “aiders” to the victimization of others.

I digested your content perfectly fine despite my alleged “emotional state” thank you very much.

You’ve literally just blamed victims for the victimization of others.

What the fuck was this in response to?

Are you getting angry? You poor fucking thing. You do need that safe space. You are having quite the emotional response. Maybe a bit of time out will make you feel better.