The perfect one-liner at the perfect moment

I used to live in Greece. I look Greek, and people had a hard time believing I wasn’t. They would keep insisting: “Are you sure you don’t have a little Greek in you?” I replied once to the short Greek guy, “Are you offering?” It would have been better if one of these guys had thought to follow up my “no” answer with “Would you like one?”

The prequel - I’m about 25 pounds overweight. I’m a big guy, but I’ve got a bit of a double chin and a noticeable beer gut.

The story:

The (then) girlfriend and I were on a road trip. I’d been driving for about 4 hours so when we stopped to gas up I said it was her turn to drive. The tourist trap (Yellowstone South Entrance) had a counter where you could buy beer. I asked for a six pack of Coors. The sweet young thing behind the counter asked,

“Coors light?”

Without thinking I said,

“Do I LOOK like I drink light beer?”

The woman behind me in line spit pop out of her nose, my girlfriend convulsed in laughter and the SYT just blushed and gave me original Coors.